Type Tier
Rock / Flying UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Aerodactyl is the second fastest Pokemon in the game (tied with Jolteon and Mewtwo), and packs a good Attack stat, a decent typing (Rock/Flying), and a critical hit ratio of roughly 25%. However, what's good about Aerodactyl pales in comparison to what's bad about it. Its defenses and HP are decidedly mediocre; expect it to eat a healthy chunk of damage from Hyper Beams and die to Explosions despite its Normal resistance. It is weak to Ice-, Water-, and Electric-type attacks, which are everywhere in the RBY metagame, and it easily has one of the worst movepools in the game. Luckily, being fast makes it hard for things that are already hurt to switch in, as they are most likely going to take two hits. Its unique typing and high Attack make it a strong UU choice, but all it has in OU play is its Speed.

Name Moveset

Physical Attacker

~ Sky Attack
~ Reflect
~ Double-Edge
~ Hyper Beam

Sky Attack is Aerodactyl's strongest attack, able to inflict heavy damage on any Pokemon that doesn't resist it. Factor in Aerodactyl's high critical hit rate and it becomes an attack that almost nothing enjoys switching into. While it does have a charge turn, Aerodactyl's Rock typing allows it to switch in often and get a free charge. Seeing Aerodactyl, if the opponent decides to switch into Gengar expecting Double-Edge or Hyper Beam, you can get off a Sky Attack for free as Gengar will be forced to switch out. Reflect allows Aerodactyl to counter most Snorlax more effectively. A combination of Double-Edge followed by Hyper Beam will do a lot to many Pokemon, especially after taking Aerodactyl's huge critical hit rate into consideration.

Other Options

Supersonic has a 55% chance to hit and confuse the opponent, which can be Aerodactyl's saving grace. Fly is a bit of a novelty option that could work as a STAB attack. Wing Attack is another option as a STAB attack that you probably shouldn't use, as it isn't very good in RBY with only 35 Base Power.

Checks and Counters

Aerodactyl can't damage Golem and Rhydon at all and will have to retreat upon seeing them. Starmie, Lapras, Slowbro... practically any Water-type Pokemon that can take a hit and deliver a Surf is a counter as well. Another way to counter Aerodactyl is to paralyze it, thus removing the only advantage it would otherwise have: its great Speed.