Type Tier
Fire / Flying UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Though Ninetales and Arcanine can hope for a lucky break to defeat their enemies, Charizard is stuck against the likes of troublesome Starmie and other Water-types. He makes up for it by learning Earthquake, which makes Rhydon and Golem somewhat less annoying, and also kills his Fire-type brethren. His decent Speed and Swords Dance can make him a late-game threat against a heavily paralyzed team, but Charizard is typically nothing to worry about in OU. However, he's strong in UU play.

Name Moveset

Swords Dance

~ Fire Blast
~ Earthquake
~ Swords Dance
~ Body Slam / Hyper Beam

Try to get Charizard in against Exeggutor or Jynx, and if you expect a switch and have dealt with Starmie, you can Swords Dance and have a good chance at beating whatever switches in. If you haven't already dealt with Starmie, and your opponent knows what Charizard can do, then be wary of trying to use this strategy. Fire Blast has the nice benefit of being able to burn Rhydon and Golem, but you need to be wary of accidentally burning Starmie or Alakazam, which would get in the way of using a sleep or paralysis move on them. You seriously do not want to have to face a burned Starmie.

Other Options

Slash is nice for the critical hit rate, but don't forget that critical hits negate stat-ups, so Charizard would not gain any benefits from Swords Dance. Fire Spin can be used to trap, as with all Wrap-style moves in RBY. Counter could be interesting, but it's better to just attack as much as you can to take advantage of Charizard's 298 Speed. SmokeScreen and Mimic could be fun options, but once again, Charizard should stick with what he does best.

Checks and Counters

Starmie and other Water-types, especially those with good Defense or HP such as Slowbro and Lapras, are able to switch in fairly easily into any of Charizard's moves (Fire Blast, Earthquake, Body Slam) and scare it off. Rhydon and Golem can also make him run away, but they must be wary of Earthquake and Fire Blast's burn chance. Zapdos also stops him easily with its immunity to Earthquake and otherwise good defenses, and can send Charizard packing with a powerful Thunderbolt. Other Electric-types are a bit less effective than Zapdos as Charizard has good Speed (298) and Earthquake. For example, Jolteon outspeeds it, but could be crippled by Earthquake if Charizard survives the Thunderbolt or predicts the switch.