Type Tier
Electric UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Electrode excels at one thing and one thing only: Speed. Its Speed stat allows it to hit any Pokemon first, provided Electrode isn't paralyzed. While this would normally make for a very good Pokemon, its sub-par movepool and other stats make this a pretty bad Pokemon. Outclassed by Jolteon in nearly every respect, Electrode has very few things going for it. However, despite being outclassed by other Electric-types, Electrode does have an exceptionally fast (albeit weak) Explosion, a great critical hit percentage, and the fastest status inducing move in the game. Electrode is a hit and run Pokemon and should be used accordingly—spreading status and finally Exploding when its usefulness is up.

Name Moveset


~ Thunderbolt / Thunder
~ Thunder Wave
~ Explosion
~ Screech

Electrode is most famous for having the highest Speed of any Pokemon in the game, and with it comes the highest critical hit rate (27.45%). Other than its Speed, Electrode doesn't have much going for it: poor defenses, equally poor Attack, mediocre Special, and a bad movepool. Electrode is best used as a hit and run Pokemon that uses Thunder Wave to paralyze as many of the opponent's Pokemon as possible. When its usefulness is up, Explode for a decent chunk of damage. Keep Electrode healthy, as it will not like taking attacks from other Pokemon at all. If you like to press your luck, you can try to keep Electrode around by hoping for critical hits and full paralysis, and directly attack the opponent with Thunder/Thunderbolt. Use prediction and Electrode can actually be quite useful, though not as good as other Pokemon like Jolteon.

Other Options

Electrode is pretty limited in terms of options. Flash can stop the opponent from attacking, and combined with paralysis it might just work, but it's very luck based. Light Screen and Reflect are options, but Electrode has pathetic defenses, and they won't help it last much longer.

Checks and Counters

Golem and Rhydon shut Electrode down completely. Exeggutor resists Electrode's Electric-type attacks, and doesn't take too much damage from Explosion. You have to be careful when attempting to take out Electrode, because it will almost always paralyze your Pokemon if it already isn't, so keep things like Tauros away. Pokemon that don't mind being paralyzed, or are already paralyzed, can take out Electrode with very few problems. A paralyzed Electrode is a dead Electrode. Just be wary of Explosion.