Type Tier
Electric UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Because Jolteon outspeeds everything, it is an excellent late-game sweeper, almost as good as the vaunted Tauros. Jolteon has a critical hit rate through the roof, and this will help it finish off anything not OHKOed by a Normal-type attack. Jolteon, like other Electric-types, is easily walled by Ground-types, but Double Kick does offer it a way to do nearly 36% max in optimal conditions. It is best saved for last and hidden for the match because it has no way to recover and does not take hits very well. A paralyzed Jolteon is really a useless Jolteon; it will lose to most physical attackers, and loses its amazing critical hit rate. It is a very good option if you get tired of using Tauros and is actually very fun to use because of its amazing sweeping potential.

Name Moveset

Special Sweeper

~ Thunderbolt
~ Thunder Wave
~ Pin Missile
~ Body Slam / Sand-Attack / Double Kick

Jolteon's high Speed, high Special, and very high critical hit rate make it a good special sweeper. Thunderbolt is Jolteon's main attack, and Thunder Wave is for paralysis. Pin Missile is a weak multi-hit move, but it does quadruple damage to Exeggutor and all the Poison / Grass types that Thunderbolt isn't very effective against. Despite Pin Missile being one of the few super effective attacks against Psychic-type Pokemon in RBY, Jolteon is usually better off using Thunderbolt against most Psychic-types since Pin Missile is luck based and will, on average, deal less damage than Thunderbolt to them. The last move is mostly filler. Body Slam can possibly paralyze Ground-types on the switch, but won't do much after that. Sand-Attack could let Jolteon survive longer, but requires a ton of luck. Double Kick doesn't deal much damage with Jolteon's low Attack but will still do more damage than any of Jolteon's other attacks to Golem and Rhydon. Whatever move you choose, Jolteon usually works best near the end of a battle when an opponent's Pokemon are weakened. Don't let Jolteon get paralyzed because without its Speed, it is a sitting duck for anything with Earthquake.

Other Options

Focus Energy is glitched in the Game Boy version of RBY and will leave Jolteon's critical hit rate unchanged, or lower it to 0 if Jolteon is slower than the opponent's Pokemon. However, if you're playing on a platform where Focus Energy works the way it does in Pokemon Stadium, Focus Energy will let Jolteon score a critical hit with nearly every move and is a great choice for its moveset. If using a simulator, make sure you check whether it supports the Pokemon Stadium or Game Boy mechanics before using the attack. Agility can be a good choice despite Jolteon's insane Speed, just because it will allow Jolteon to get its Speed back while paralyzed. Hyper Beam is a desperation move against something like Chansey or Dugtrio that has a moderate chance of paying off with Jolteon's high critical hit rate. Unfortunately, Mimicking Earthquake won't save Jolteon against any Ground-type but it might be useful against some other Pokemon. Tail Whip is an option since it could force switches from Alakazam or Chansey to another Pokemon that Jolteon can paralyze, besides giving Jolteon a slightly better chance of beating Chansey in one-on-one. Substitute helps Jolteon scout the opponent, but note that, except in Stadium situations, it will not prevent status.

Checks and Counters

Golem and Rhydon, the standard Electric-type counters, work awesomely because of their resistance and/or immunity to most of Jolteon's attacks. Double Kick is super effective, but does very little damage without a critical hit. Chansey takes next to nothing from Thunderbolt, and without a critical hit, Double Kick will not do enough to threaten it. Snorlax is effectively the same as Chansey, but can pose an immediate threat to Jolteon with a super effective Earthquake.