Type Tier
Water / Ice OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Lapras can be a very useful Pokemon due to its variety of attacks and balanced stats. Its good Defense and HP give it much stability, while its decent offensive stats let it hit both physically and specially defensive targets hard. Its Speed might seem a bit lackluster, but Lapras still outspeeds many important Pokemon such as Exeggutor and Rhydon.

Name Moveset


~ Blizzard / Ice Beam
~ Thunderbolt / Rest
~ Body Slam / Rest
~ Confuse Ray

Lapras can work against many different Pokemon with its wide variety of attacks. Confuse Ray and Body Slam make it one of the best parafusion users in the game. With its high Special, STAB Blizzard is about as powerful as Alakazam's Psychic and will even deal a fair amount of damage to Chansey. Additionally, Lapras has a good chance of beating standard Chansey one-on-one with just Body Slam and Confuse Ray, one of its main advantages over Starmie. People will often switch confused Pokemon out for others that have an advantage over Lapras, so you should try to predict this and Thunderbolt Starmie or Body Slam Alakazam. Rest Lapras is harder to use than the standard set because Rest generally doesn't work in RBY, but with prediction or Confuse Ray support it can pay off.

Other Options

Mimic Lapras can become incredibly hard to take down if you get something like Recover or Thunder Wave from a Starmie. Reflect + Rest Lapras is also hard to take down if Starmie is incapacitated. Sing Lapras is a good surprise. Surf isn't generally needed because Blizzard already OHKOes Golem and Rhydon, and Fire-types aren't that common in RBY, but it could be useful sometimes against Jynx or low HP Pokemon.

Checks and Counters

Electric-types (sans Zapdos) can take on Lapras with their super effective Thunderbolts as long as they avoid being paralyzed by Body Slam. Gengar can use its incredible 130 Special to guard against special attacks and its Ghost typing to avoid Body Slam, and hits back very hard with Thunderbolt. Alakazam and Chansey can serve as emergency stops with their high Special lowering damage from Blizzard and Thunderbolt; they shouldn't be relied on too much, though, because their low Defense leaves them vulnerable to Body Slam.