Type Tier
Fire UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
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Magmar is obviously meant for UU only. It's not a bad Fire-type—it's just that Charizard, Rapidash, and Arcanine outclass it, as does Moltres, obviously, and, to add insult to injury, Fire-types in RBY aren't really that good to begin with. In fact, you could probably make a case for him being the worst Fire-type in the game, but, even then, it's not that bad. Just use Confuse Ray and his above average Attack stat and you will be fine with a little luck.

Name Moveset

Mixed Attacker

~ Fire Blast / Flamethrower
~ Body Slam
~ Confuse Ray
~ Mimic / Hyper Beam

Well, it's not Arcanine, but Magmar's not bad, either. Body Slam runs off that nice Attack stat for paralysis, and a STAB Fire move is obvious (you'll probably want Fire Blast since Magmar's Special leaves something to be desired, especially compared to that of Ninetales and Moltres). For the last two moves, Confuse Ray is really all it has on Arcanine, and it's not a bad move at all, giving you an extra hit or forcing a switch. Mimic is always good on Pokémon with less than amazing movepools, and Hyper Beam is Hyper Beam; Magmar has good Attack and is certainly strong enough to run it.

Other Options

Submission will do more to Chansey than Hyper Beam will, and can at least damage Rock-types, but otherwise Hyper Beam is a superior heavy attacking move. Psychic is another special attack that Magmar learns, and nothing in UU resists it. Seismic Toss is an option, but Magmar has above average attacking stats, so you're probably better off not using it. Smokescreen is kind of a gamble but, along with Confuse Ray, can keep Magmar alive for a little longer.

Checks and Counters

In OU, Pokemon that resist its Fire STAB, including Water-types like Slowbro, Starmie, and Gyarados, take little damage from Fire Blast and hit back hard with STAB attacks that are super effective against Fire. Lapras has a large 130 base HP to compensate for not resisting Magmar's Fire move. Golem and Rhydon fear Fire Blast's burn chance, but otherwise wreck Magmar's weak Defense. Gengar is immune to Body Slam and has an excellent Special to absorb Fire Blast with. In UU, the thinking is largely the same, with Vaporeon and Blastoise in the Water group and Onix in the Rock group; Omastar and Kabutops combine both groups to be basically immune to everything on the standard set. The Rock-types are hurt slightly by Submission, though.