Type Tier
Fire / Flying UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Moltres really doesn't excel at any one thing—it has a great Special stat, but doesn't have the Speed to take full advantage of it. It can be walled easily by Golem and Rhydon, but they don't like switching in all that often because of Moltres's attack power and Fire Blast's 30% burn rate. Just like most other Pokémon, it works extremely well when the opponent's Pokémon are paralyzed. What makes it shine over other special attackers is its ability to use Fire Spin—it can quickly put a match into your favor and even give you free turns to switch to other Pokémon. While a well-played Moltres can be deadly and annoying, there are better options out there to use. Agility + Fire Spin is awesome if luck is on your side.

Name Moveset

Agility + Fire Spin

~ Agility
~ Fire Blast
~ Fire Spin
~ Hyper Beam

Moltres is a great late-game Pokémon, and even works well as a lead for your team. It counters many common leads such as Exeggutor and Venusaur, and even Jynx will think twice about staying in (note that Fire doesn't resist Ice in RBY). Moltres even fares decently against its most common counters, Golem and Rhydon—neither of which like the burn status Fire Blast can inflict. Agility makes it faster than every unboosted Pokémon in the game, thus making it a whole lot easier to abuse Fire Spin. Hyper Beam is a finishing move that works well in tandem with Fire Spin. Understanding the properties of Fire Spin is key to using Moltres, as you can do many things like getting free switches or completely finishing off a Pokémon before it hurts you.

Other Options

Flamethrower is an option over Fire Blast if you prefer more accuracy and PP, but only if you're playing with GSC tradebacks. Double-Edge can be used over Hyper Beam if you want a more consistent damage source on the physical end. Mimic can net you some decent moves, but isn't very reliable and still can't help Moltres hurt its counters. Sky Attack can be used as a decent STAB move, but because of its two turn nature, it is completely unreliable. Substitute, Reflect, and Rest can all help Moltres last longer while sweeping, or can just stall if you need to.

Checks and Counters

Rhydon and Golem resist all of Moltres's attacks and their Rock Slide will do 100% damage guaranteed, but they take about 30% from Fire Blast and don't like being burned. Chansey takes very little from Fire Blast but a Hyper Beam can do upwards of 50% damage. Starmie can switch into any of Moltres's attacks easily, and hit back hard with a STAB Surf or Hydro Pump. Omastar is a great UU counter because it resists whatever Moltres throws at it, and can nearly OHKO it with Hydro Pump.