Type Tier
Electric UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


The only reason Raichu is ever used over Zapdos or Jolteon is because of its ability to hit Golem and Rhydon with Surf. But what Raichu gains in the ability to hit Golem and Rhydon it loses in its ability to hit Grass-types, and can struggle mightily against them. It is lacking in most stat categories (specifically Defense) and does not have the desired attack stats to be a major threat to sweep the opponent. That said, it is not a terrible Pokémon, and is a decent option to use when considering an Electric-type for your team.

Name Moveset


~ Thunderbolt
~ Thunder Wave
~ Surf
~ Body Slam

Raichu has the distinction of being the only Electric not walled by Ground-types because of its access to Surf, which OHKOs the main Grounds, Golem and Rhydon. Thunderbolt is there for STAB and is the main attacking move when using Raichu. Thunder Wave as a status inducing move to slow down Pokémon faster than it, and proceed to hitting them with the STAB Thunderbolt. The fourth move is filler and up to the user, but Body Slam is the best option so you aren't completely walled by Grass-types and you can hit them for a decent amount of damage (and possibly paralyze them too).

Other Options

Submission is a decent option to hit Chansey hard but will leave you open to be walled by Exeggutor much easier. Seismic Toss can be used for a steady 100 damage so you don't have to predict the opponent. Mimic is more of a gimmick option as it can net you some decent attacks, but Raichu covers its weaknesses pretty well anyway. Hyper Beam can be used as a finishing attack but lacks the constant damage Body Slam or Seismic Toss give because of the occasional charge up turn.

Checks and Counters

Grass-types, especially Exeggutor, have no problem walling Raichu. Chansey is also a very good counter as it takes very little damage from Raichu's special attacks and is really only threatened by Submission, which will cause some massive damage to Raichu via recoil. Snorlax survives anything thrown at it and does a large amount of damage to Raichu with Earthquake. Alakazam doesn't like being paralyzed but it can take anything Raichu throws at it and hit back hard with a STAB Psychic. Raichu needs to avoid being paralyzed because Golem and Rhydon will then outspeed it and OHKO Raichu with Earthquake.