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Snorlax is one of the most dominant and dangerous Pokemon in OU. Despite having the lowest Speed in RBY, only tied with Slowbro, Snorlax has one of the best stat distributions in the game, which, along with his powerful attacking options, lets Snorlax go one-on-one against almost every Pokemon in the game if he wants to. Add STAB Selfdestruct to the mix, and Snorlax will often be able to net you two kills. Snorlax is especially useful for capitalizing on a paralyzed Chansey and is one of the main reasons you might want to paralyze Chansey rather than go for the freeze in the first place. Snorlax is also the most versatile Pokemon in RBY due to its ability to use unexpected moves such as Rest, Reflect, Amnesia, and Counter effectively. Snorlax is so good that he is often a brainless addition when making a RBY OU team.

Name Moveset


~ Body Slam
~ Hyper Beam / Surf
~ Earthquake / Surf
~ Selfdestruct

This is by far the most common Snorlax moveset, and thus, the moveset everybody expects when battling him. Body Slam is Snorlax's main attack, and it hits most things that don't resist it hard while having a 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent. Hyper Beam is a finishing move that will let Snorlax KO most things below 50% health. Your opponent might see Hyper Beam coming, but unless they have a Golem, Rhydon, or a healthy Pokemon with Counter, they will be hard-pressed to respond to it.

Earthquake is mostly for Golem, Rhydon, and Gengar, all of which would otherwise take on mono-Normal Snorlax easily. It can also check for Counter on certain Pokemon, especially Chansey, which will KO it if it attacks her with Body Slam. Surf is another popular choice to hit Golem and Rhydon, two of the best Snorlax switch-ins, a lot harder than Earthquake and usually KOes them after a Body Slam. However, if you drop Earthquake, Snorlax will be pretty worthless against Gengar and Counter Chansey; forgoing Hyper Beam will limit Snorlax's offense against everything in general, especially towards the end of the game.

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Name Moveset


~ Amnesia
~ Blizzard / Ice Beam
~ Body Slam / Thunderbolt
~ Rest / Selfdestruct

This set works like Slowbro, but trades an Electric-type neutrality for a special STAB move and Thunder Wave. In match-ups against physical Pokemon, with Blizzard, Snorlax will only need to use Amnesia once, as 456 Special is usually enough to 2HKO Tauros and will always let Snorlax OHKO Rhydon and Golem, as well as 3HKO opposing Snorlax. Ice Beam can be useful against Chansey with Reflect or Counter; otherwise, the extra PP is not needed, even if Snorlax is using Rest.

Thunderbolt lets Snorlax take on Water-types more easily, especially Cloyster and Slowbro. Body Slam is his best move to fight Chansey, as Blizzard will quickly run of PP against it and Ice Beam fails to 3HKO; however, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt might also let Snorlax PP stall Chansey out of Softboiled as long as Snorlax doesn't get frozen beforehand. Body Slam also helps if Snorlax isn't able to get in a few boosts quickly enough, for example against Alakazam; unfortunately, if you do not opt to use Blizzard or Body Slam, Snorlax will fare worse in physical match-ups. Rest is the preferred move on this set to let Snorlax continue sweeping after set up, but you should watch out for your opponent predicting its use and going to a physical sweeper. Selfdestruct is a good, often unexpected option and especially useful for when Snorlax doesn't have time to set up.

Other Options

A physical set with Rest is also viable. Rest often lets Snorlax survive a lot longer, especially after spreading some paralysis. However, its most rewarding use is shrugging off the attacks Chansey fires at Snorlax when switching into her and waking up against her, thus letting Snorlax come into Chansey more comfortably. Reflect is commonly used in this set, and protects Snorlax from physical sweepers such as opposing Snorlax, Rhydon, Golem, and even Tauros while sleeping; it also halves the damage from Explosion.

Using both Reflect and Amnesia in the same set is another possible combination. After setting up, only a high number of critical hits or double Explosions will beat a Snorlax with this set, so with some paralysis support and residual damage, it's very difficult for the opponent to take him down. However, depending on the damaging move you choose, there will always be something you will have difficulty getting past. Body Slam is preferable because it beats Chansey with regularity.

Counter is rarely seen on Snorlax, but can be effective for match-ups with Tauros or Snorlax, and for coming into predicted Hyper Beams from them. However, using it means dropping Hyper Beam, which will limit Snorlax's offensive power. Thunderbolt and Thunder will hit Cloyster harder, making them viable options if Wrap and similar moves are allowed.

Checks and Counters

Snorlax is probably the second most difficult to wall Pokemon in OU after Tauros. Cloyster is probably the safest Snorlax switch-in. If you can paralyze Snorlax beforehand, Rest Cloyster will comfortably keep using Rest against Snorlax. However, Cloyster is 3HKOed by Thunderbolt and 2HKOed Thunder, but these moves are almost never seen on Snorlax, except on the Amnesia set. Lapras's and Articuno's physical bulkiness are slightly smaller, but with Rest, they are also usually able to wall a paralyzed Snorlax. Slowbro has the ability to set up on Snorlax and can take Body Slams well. Golem and Rhydon can easily switch into a Body Slam, although paralysis will cripple them. These Rock-types will at least ensure Snorlax is not using Body Slam again, so you can switch out to a Pokemon such as Lapras or Exeggutor if you fear Surf. However, if Snorlax is indeed packing Surf, prediction is necessary if you want to use the Rock-type Pokemon. If Snorlax is using Surf over Earthquake, though, Gengar will easily be able to take on Snorlax.

Paralysis will cripple Snorlax in general, making him easier to wall, but Chansey and Alakazam, the most common users of paralyzing moves, can't switch into Snorlax. However, if Snorlax switches into any of these Pokemon, staying in to paralyze him is advisable if their health is high. However, Alakazam can still set up Reflect and will usually win the match-up or force Snorlax out due to his low critical hit rate. If your opponent surprises you with an Amnesia set, your best bet is usually using Explosion or Selfdestruct on it with Pokemon such as Exeggutor, Golem, Gengar, or even your own Snorlax, unless you think you can take it down with, for example, Tauros or Snorlax before he can set up.