Rating Basics

The Rating Basics thread is used for aspiring team raters to have their rates critiqued. Official team raters will offer advice on your rates, how to improve, and will give their own potential rates for the team.

#RateMyTeam Workshops

#RateMyTeam Workshops are held about once a month where everyone in the IRC channel will be rating teams for approximately 2 hours. This is a good opportunity to see how official Team Raters rate, as well as getting a chance to rate for yourself. If you don't want to rate, but instead want one of your teams to be rated, you may send a link to your team.

Team of the Week

Each week, a quality RMT will be chosen to be put in the spotlight based on everyone's votes. The team with most votes gets a mention in the thread and in the topic of #ratemyteam. If you produce good rates on a Team of the Week, something that most of the Staff is going to look at, you will increase your chances of getting a badge.

Voice in #ratemyteam is rewarded to those who have rated a few Teams of the Week, and halfop to those who show exceptional rates. People with voice in #ratemyteam also get the same privileges as RMT badged users when it comes to nominating teams for the Team of the Week.

Rater of the Week

The Rater of the Week is designed to recognize the hard work of unofficial team raters. Every week, a winner will be decided by the staff to be the Rater of the Week. The chosen user will win because he/she has shown great quality, activity and consistency in the past week in his/her posts in the RMT forum. This user, however, cannot be a current official Team Rater. Winners will be recorded in the Rater of the Week Hall of Fame, attain voice in #ratemyteam, and get more consideration for a badge.