Enemy attacks lose 1 extra PP. Increases wild encounter rate.
Rock Head
Recoil moves have no recoil.
Type Tier
Rock / Flying OU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 24 27 -
15 17 20 22
11 13 16 17
10 12 15 16
12 14 17 18
17 19 22 24
  • Overused


Aerodactyl is one of the most feared Choice Band users in OU. Its access to unresisted coverage moves in Rock Slide, Double-Edge, and Earthquake allow the prehistoric tyrant to ravage the OU metagame. Aerodactyl's secondary Flying typing blesses it with an immunity to Earthquake, and more importantly Spikes, allowing it to hit hard throughout the match. Finally, as if it could get any better for Aerodactyl, it's tied for the fastest Pokemon in ADV OU with Jolteon, who is OHKOed by Earthquake. Despite all of these strengths, Aerodactyl is not without some serious intrinsic weaknesses. Aerodactyl's weakness to Ice Beam, Surf, Rock Slide, and other common moves in the ADV OU metagame prevent it from switching in as often as one would hope. Additionally, Aerodactyl's defenses are far from stellar; even non-STAB super effective moves will do significant damage to Aerodactyl, if not knocking it out. Don't let these flaws deter you from using Aerodactyl because, if played to its strengths, Aerodactyl will cut through teams like a hot knife through butter.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Rock Head Jolly
Moveset IVs
~ Rock Slide
~ Double-Edge
~ Earthquake
~ Hidden Power Flying
30 HP / 30 Atk / 30 Def / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Behold, one of the most dangerous late-game sweepers in ADV OU. Rock Slide is Aerodactyl's main STAB move, and combined with a Choice Band, it gives Aerodactyl the ability to flinch even sturdy walls such as Suicune and Milotic to oblivion. Other than flinching opposing Pokemon to death, Rock Slide is also useful for defeating Zapdos, Gyarados, Salamence, and opposing Aerodactyl. Double-Edge is Aerodactyl's strongest move, and combined with Rock Head, Aerodactyl can spam Double-Edge throughout the match. Double-Edge is also Aerodactyl's best choice against bulky Water-types in the early-game, ensuring that Aerodactyl can deal a blow heavy enough to where Aerodactyl or a teammate can sweep later in the game. Earthquake is chosen as the third option, as it provides excellent coverage alongside Rock Slide, and the two Pokemon that resist the combination of the aforementioned attacks, Flygon and Claydol, are hit hard by Double-Edge. Additionally, Earthquake also slams Jirachi and Metagross, two common Aerodactyl switch-ins. Hidden Power Flying rounds off the set by giving Aerodactyl a strong secondary STAB move that is useful against Celebi, Breloom, and Machamp.

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Other Options

Aerodactyl has a pretty big movepool, but should really stick with the given set. The only other viable set would consist of Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-Edge, and Substitute with a Liechi Berry and an EV spread of 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD. This set takes full advantage of Aerodactyl's ability to force switches and hit hard behind a Substitute. Toxic can be used over Double-Edge to cripple incoming Water-types; if using Toxic, be sure to use Pressure as Aerodactyl's ability. Fire Blast might seem useful to roast Skarmory, but Aerodactyl can beat Skarmory with Rock Slide. Taunt might also seem viable, but that would mean forgoing the necessary Choice Band for the mediocre Leftovers. If using Aerodactyl, it's best to stick with a Choice Band or a Substitute set.

Checks and Counters

Aerodactyl is hard to counter, as it can strip away a win from you with an untimely flinch. However, Aerodactyl does have a good amount of checks. Metagross and Jirachi can switch into Aerodactyl's STAB moves and retaliate with Meteor Mash or Thunderbolt and Ice Punch, respectively. Jirachi deserves a special mention, as it can set up Reflect and Wish, further aiding your team by lessening Aerodactyl's sweeping prowess. However, Wish + Reflect Jirachi is not a better check to Aerodactyl, as Jirachi will lose super effective coverage due to Reflect. Bulky Water-types such as Suicune, Milotic, and Swampert can take any one attack from Aerodactyl and return the favor with a STAB Surf or Hydro Pump. Physically defensive Celebi can switch into any of Aerodactyl's moves bar Hidden Power Flying and set up Calm Mind or Leech Seed.

On more offensive teams, Intimidate is a great way to lessen Aerodactyl's sweeping prowess while giving your own team a chance to sweep. Great examples of viable Intimidate users are Salamence and Gyarados. It's worth noting that Salamence and Gyarados share excellent defensive synergy with Jirachi and Metagross. Salamence and Gyarados can switch into Aerodactyl's Earthquake which was meant to hit Metagross or Jirachi, set up a Dragon Dance, and proceed to sweep. Claydol can take a couple of Aerodactyl's hits in the early-game and retaliate with Ice Beam; however, Claydol is sure to lose in the late-game due to its lack of reliable recovery. Although Flygon can't switch into Double-Edge, having a Rock-type resistance is necessary to prevent Aerodactyl from running through your team. Also, Flygon pairs well with Metagross and Jirachi, ensuring that you have an offensive core that will give Aerodactyl trouble due to Flygon's and the aforementioned Steel-type's excellent defensive synergy. Skarmory can switch into any of Aerodactyl's moves, set up Spikes, and Rest off any damage taken. More uncommon checks to Aerodactyl include Donphan and Steelix. Steelix in particular can take on Aerodactyl throughout the game due to its resistance to most of Aerodactyl's moveset and its excellent Defense stat. Remember that an untimely flinch can spell doom for your Aerodactyl check, so it's a good idea to have two Aerodactyl checks, or at least two Pokemon that can take a hit and OHKO Aerodactyl before it runs through your team. A fine example of this is a bulky Gengar capable of taking Rock Slide and hitting back with Thunderbolt.