All Electric-type attacks hit this Pokémon.
Rock Head
Recoil moves have no recoil.
Type Tier
Ground BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 261 324 -
176 196 259 284
230 256 319 350
122 136 199 218
176 196 259 284
113 126 189 207
  • Overused


Marowak is a hard hitter, but its lack of recovery can be a serious pain. The fact that Marowak does not have to set up to hit hard is a notable feature; with maximum investment and an Adamant nature, it can reach an Attack stat of 568. It is a great sweeper, but that's about it. The fact that it gets Sing also gives it some versatility, but sweeping is your best bet with such a Pokemon.

Name Item Ability Nature

Swords Dance

Thick Club Rock Head Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Swords Dance
~ Bonemerang / Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Focus Punch / Double-Edge
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Bonemerang is an option to let Marowak defeat Substitute Pokemon and thwart Focus Punch users; it also enables Marowak to take on Substitute Raikou as a last resort, as Marowak can survive even Modest Raikou's Hidden Power. Specifically, with 252 HP EVs and 12 Special Defense EVs, Marowak will survive Modest Raikou's Calm Mind-boosted Hidden Power. However, note that Bonemerang's subpar accuracy can hurt a sweep.

With 252 Speed EVs and a Jolly nature, Marowak outspeeds most Water-types, such as the occasional uninvested Suicune, as well as almost all Milotic. Another plus is the ability to outpace both Skarmory and Weezing. However, the difference in power might mean the difference between KOing a foe and being KOed itself. With an Adamant nature and Thick Club, Marowak hits a stat of 568 Attack, which lets it 2HKO 252/252+ Milotic and 252/252+ Swampert, as well as 2HKO or 3HKO 252/252+ Suicune, with an unboosted Earthquake. Regardless of which nature you use, however, Marowak should always run maximum Attack.

Name Item Ability Nature

All-Out Attacker

Thick Club Rock Head Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Bonemerang / Earthquake
~ Rock Slide / Hidden Power Rock
~ Double-Edge
~ Focus Punch / Sing
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

Thick Club gives Marowak the power of a Choice Band user, along with the ability to switch moves. Nonetheless, it needs good prediction to be effective. Focus Punch dents Skarmory on the switch, while Sing—which is an XD move—can put it or any other physical wall out of commission. Adamant is the recommended nature as this Marowak does not aim to set up, so Speed isn't as much of an issue as prediction is.

Maximum HP lets Marowak better wall Dragon Dance Tyranitar and stop Tyraniboah, but Marowak can only take so many predicted Crunches before going down. This is probably the spread you should use with paralysis support, or if you plan on passing Marowak some Speed.

Other Options

Belly Drum raises Marowak's Attack to such a high level that it will KO anything in the game not named Skarmory, but Marowak is too slow and fragile to set it up. It also desperately needs Thick Club, which leaves it no place for a Salac Berry. Perish Song can force switches but doesn't help against any notable threats; nonetheless, Bonemerang + Perish Song can ruin Baton Pass teams. Hidden Power Bug is another option to hit Grass-types in general and Celebi in particular, but Double-Edge does plenty to those.

Checks and Counters

Several Pokemon can come in on Marowak's main attacks, but most of them cannot stay in for long if they are slower and are hit hard on the switch. Weezing is easily the best counter but needs to watch out for boosted Double-Edge, while Celebi is a counter if it comes in on a move it resists. Ludicolo can come in more effectively because of its dual typing, but it is still susceptible to Marowak's strong hits. Skarmory is also tough, but a Marowak user with good prediction can still take it down. Claydol can come in on a couple of attacks as well, but it too needs to watch out for boosted Double-Edge and Hidden Power Bug.