Blocks paralysis.
Type Tier
Normal UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 271 334 -
158 176 239 262
140 156 219 240
149 166 229 251
149 166 229 251
239 266 329 361
  • Underused


A novelty Pokémon in both standard and UU. It is outclassed by many other Normals despite the great Speed, because its Attack is really below average and it cannot take a hit at all. It is highly unlikely Persian is going to pull off anything game breaking against someone who knows what he's doing. The fastest Hypnosis in the game is nice to shut down at least one counter though.

Name Item Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Jolly / Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Fighting
~ Shadow Ball
~ Fake Out / Iron Tail
80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe

A viable set for Persian in both standard and UU. It's hard to bring it in, but when you manage to do so, try to deal the damage by predicting your opponent and using the right move at the right time. For standard, Shadow Ball hits Gengar and Dusclops, and your Hidden Power should deal with Tyranitar. Hidden Power Fighting is an OHKO, but without Hidden Power Ground you won't be hurting Metagross. Fake Out is for Ninjask, Alakazam, and things like Reversal Heracross and Medicham, though it won't work if they Endure the Fake Out. Iron Tail can be used if you're unsure if your opponent is going to switch to, for example Tyranitar or Gengar. It hits both quite hard, though it's a tad inaccurate.

Use max Speed with Adamant to beat Jolly Fearow. Raise Speed EVs to 180 at the cost of HP if you have Hidden Power Fighting.

Name Item Nature

Liechi Berry

Liechi Berry Jolly
Moveset EVs
~ Substitute
~ Return
~ Shadow Ball / Iron Tail
~ Hypnosis
80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe

Use Substitute to get low on health and activate Liechi Berry, and then Hypnotize your opponent. Predict what he will switch to, and if you're faster, you can hit it twice before it gets to hit you. A risky set as it relies on Hypnosis hitting, but Persian isn't likely to do anything at all if you play it safe. On the bright side, not much is faster than a max Speed Persian, especially not in UU.

Other Options

Screech forces your opponent to either switch out, or stay in and eat double damage, but should only be used with Spikes. Hyper Beam can be used for some last-effort damage if Persian is going to die anyway, or to finish off something when it's not expecting Persian to do more damage. Thief is good to steal these Leftovers or Choice Band from your counter, you may want to put it on the Liechi set and use it when you're about to die. Toxic is a way of forcing permanent damage on things like Gligar and Solrock in UU, or Swampert in standard, but it doesn't help if your opponent has Aromatherapy, Rest, or Heal Bell. Thunder or Thunderbolt can be used in standard as they hurt Skarmory.


If Persian has 341 Speed (this requires 176 EVs and a Jolly nature), it is faster than all Pokémon in UU except Electrode and Persian and Sneasel with more Speed EVs, so this is a good point to aim at. Then, max Persian's Attack and dump any leftover EVs into HP or a defense.

Checks and Counters

Anything that resists Normal. For standard, this includes Skarmory and Forretress, who can Spike up against Persian, as well as Metagross, Rhydon and Tyranitar. Metagross can OHKO with Meteor Mash, Rhydon with Earthquake, and Tyranitar with Focus Punch, but Tyranitar can also opt to 2HKO with Rock Slide (or, if it's Choice Banded, OHKO). Hidden Power helps against Tyranitar to an extent, but Metagross isn't even 2HKOed by Choice Band Hidden Power Ground. Regirock, Scizor and Registeel can take Persian's hits as well and set-up against it. Weezing doesn't resist Normal but nonetheless takes anything that's not a Choice Band Double-Edge easily, it can Will-O-Wisp Persian and Sludge Bomb it to death. Besides all this, lots and lots of things with some kind of Defense and attacking potential can take a hit and beat Persian one-on-one. Swampert, Suicune and Milotic can beat Persian, though Choice Band STAB attacks will bite.

In UU, Golem takes anything like a champ and cripples Persian with Earthquake. Solrock doesn't like Shadow Ball or Iron Tail much but it can help it with Reflect and start pounding on Persian with STAB Rock Slide as well. Gligar has to avoid STAB Choice Band Normal hits but takes anything else just fine. Mawile's Normal resistance combined with Intimidate makes it quite a good counter, but beware Hidden Power Fighting or Ground. The same goes to Aggron: it takes no damage from anything but these Hidden Powers.

And in the end, Persian still cannot take a hit, so when in doubt just hit Persian with your most powerful move and it will die in two hits maximum. Be wary of getting your counter Hypnotized.