All Electric-type attacks hit this Pokémon.
Rock Head
Recoil moves have no recoil.
Type Tier
Ground / Rock BL
Level 50 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 180 212 -
135 150 182 200
126 140 172 189
58 65 97 106
58 65 97 106
54 60 92 101
  • Overused


Rhydon is hard to use, but can prove effective. While it does have several glaring weaknesses, it also possesses awesome attacking potential and crucial resistances to Normal, Rock, and Flying. It does a great job at countering Normal-types and can work around Skarmory and Weezing; it's even immune to Thunder Wave. However, it has trouble against the common bulky Water-types. Rhydon greatly appreciates paralysis support from the likes of Body Slam Snorlax and Thunder Wave Blissey, as this allows the Choice Band set to stay in and 2HKO the Water-types that can otherwise take it out, and enables the Substitute variant to fish for full paralysis and set up safely.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Rock Head Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Megahorn
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide / Rock Blast / Hidden Power Rock
~ Focus Punch / Double-Edge
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe

While hard to use, this Rhydon has the potential to be amazing. With accurate prediction, it will do a lot of damage. However, if you need Rhydon for its resistances, use a different set, as this one lacks Leftovers recovery.

Focus Punch hurts Skarmory and Double-Edge provides a 100% accurate option against Weezing. Hidden Power Rock can reliably take down Flying-types; it actually does more damage on average than either Rock Blast or Rock Slide do. Furthermore, Rhydon can't take much advantage of Rock Slide's flinch chance due to its low Speed; it doesn't even much mind being phazed out by Skarmory, so even that benefit is lost.

Choice Band is a good item for Rhydon because most of its switch-ins are Pokemon such as Suicune and Zapdos, who are faster and can easily OHKO it. Rhydon therefore often plays as a hit-and-run Pokemon, so it rarely notices the locking effect of the Choice Band.

Name Item Nature


Leftovers Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Earthquake
~ Swords Dance / Megahorn
~ Rock Slide / Rock Blast
~ Substitute
212 HP / 122 Atk / 176 Spe

Rhydon's high HP stat enables it to create 101 HP Substitutes, which Blissey and Miltank can't break with Seismic Toss—watch out for Ice Beam or the occasional Earthquake, though. With the given Speed EVs, Rhydon can also outspeed Weezing and put up a Substitute to block Will-O-Wisp; neither Weezing nor Dusclops can take Rhydon down with their attacks. Megahorn destroys Claydol and Celebi, but Swords Dance boosts Rock Slide to the point where it 2HKOes Skarmory.

Other Options

Roar works against Snorlax to an extent, as does Curse, but Swords Dance is preferred as Rhydon's typing is so poor defensively that it needs to take down opponents as quickly as it can. Counter is great against users of Fighting- and Ground-type moves as Rhydon can usually survive at least one of these. However, this strategy won't work against opponents that play it safe and switch to a special attacker.

Checks and Counters

Milotic, Suicune, and Swampert are probably the best counters to Rhydon. If it doesn't have Megahorn, Celebi and Claydol trump it. Weezing and Skarmory also do well in general. Prediction is your best bet, as Rhydon can do more than 40% to any Pokemon. However, conversely, Rhydon is easily taken down by any special attack.