OHKO moves will fail.
Rock Head
Recoil moves have no recoil.
Type Tier
Rock NU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
Min- Min Max Max+
- 281 344 -
212 236 299 328
239 266 329 361
86 96 159 174
149 166 229 251
86 96 159 174
  • Neverused


Sudowoodo should only be used on NU teams. It's simply outclassed by Golem in UU, and it's a worse Regirock if you try it in OU. In NU, however, it provides a good defensive backbone that still has attacking power.

Name Item Ability Nature

Choice Band

Choice Band Rock Head Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Hidden Power Rock / Rock Slide
~ Earthquake
~ Focus Punch / Double-Edge
~ Explosion
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

Choice Band Sudowoodo is a beast in NU. It's one of six Normal resisting Pokemon (one of which is Magcargo, which is terrible), and has Explosion to give it the advantage over Relicanth.

Name Item Ability Nature


Leftovers Sturdy Adamant
Moveset EVs
~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Hidden Power Rock / Rock Slide
~ Earthquake
252 HP / 152 Atk / 104 Def

If you want your Sudowoodo to have more staying power, you can make it a RestTalker.

Name Item Ability Nature

Calm Mind

Leftovers Sturdy Modest / Quiet
Moveset EVs
~ Calm Mind
~ Fire Punch
~ Hidden Power Grass
~ ThunderPunch / Explosion
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD

Well, I don't know why Sudowoodo gets Calm Mind, but hey, you can try it. Hidden Power Grass is essential to hit Relicanth and especially Whiscash. It can OHKO Relicanth after a Calm Mind with a Modest or Quiet nature. Use Quiet with Explosion, Modest without.

Other Options

Sudowoodo has the defenses to take just about anything physical and Counter it back.


Sudowoodo is basically the slowest thing you'll encounter on an NU team, so Speed EVs won't be particularly helpful beyond a token investment to outspeed other base 30s. For this reason, you'll want to max Attack for the attacking sets and then focus on HP and Special Defense or HP and Defense. The Calm Minder needs 252 Special Attack EVs.

Checks and Counters

Mawile can switch into Choice Band Rock Slides and won't be OHKOed by Earthquake thanks to Intimidate. Anything with a special move is threatening to Sudowoodo thanks to its low Special Defense. The best counter, however, is probably Whiscash, as its Ground typing means it resist Rock Slide without being weak to Choice Band Sudowoodo's other attacks.