PS! Discipline Appeals

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You share an internet connection with a user who has been locked or banned. It is best to use separate accounts for public and private connections in case we cannot verify your story. If you are locked like this, it does not mean your account has been compromised in any way. You can be unlocked if we can confirm that you are on a public/school network.

If you were permalocked, you should choose the "I was permalocked or permabanned" option instead.

#hostfilter locks you when you are on a proxy. If you are connected to a proxy or vpn, log out of PS and disconnect from the proxy or vpn. When you log back into PS, you will no longer be locked.

Any time your are banned from a room, you should talk to an owner of that room. To find who the room owners are, type the following into the chat window.

/roomauth roomname
Use the name of the room instead of "roomname".

Mutes are short enough that we cannot review your case before they expire. You should just wait it out. You can talk to room drivers/moderators if you find a mute unfair.

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