LC Tournaments

Art by TheMutant

On this page, you will find a list of actively-running tournaments as well as the winners of every previous LC tournament officially hosted by Smogon! Events are listed from most to least recent.

Active Tournaments

LC Open 2 - Round 1

Official Tournaments

The Little Cup Tourney VII - little gk

LC Open 1 - McMeghan

The Little Cup Tourney VI - Eo Ut Mortus

Little Cup Eviolite-less Tournament - idiotfrommars

Gen 5 LC Tournament - SkyNet

The Little Cup Tourney IV - Bluewind

Strikeout Tournament: Little Cup Edition - tophway

Little Cup Tournament - The Royal Rumble - reyscarface

Little Cup Tourney - Bass

Little Cup - Mizuno

Other Events

Lost Cave 2 - Wobbyble

LC Conquest - Charmander

Little Cup Premier League - The Snowpoint Snovers (Charmander)

Lost Cave - Al_Alchemist