NeverUsed Forum Projects

Art by ium and skylight.

Current Tournaments

NU Six Slot Slaughter: This tour makes a lot of pokemon more viable by giving them more coverage or more versatility by giving them a whopping 6 moveslots to work with.

Past Tournaments

ORAS NU Tournament [Won by Teddeh]: In this tournament, players are allowed to have a taste of the new ORAS metagame a month before it's released!

NU Conquest [Won by Aladyyn]: You are assigned 3 Pokemon that are ranked S-D in the Viability rankings thread, and you can fight other users for their Pokemon. The goal is to collect 'em all!

NeverUsed Minitour IV: Double the Salt [Won by U-Turn Out]: This Minitour is exactly like any other NU tournament, except it's played in Doubles format!

NeverUsed Ladder Tournament Finals [Won by iTeddeh]: This tournament contains two parts, the laddering phase, where participants try to climb to the top of the NU ladder, and the tournament phase, which is just a normal single-elimination tournament played by those that reached the top in the previous phase.

NU Minitour III - Black STABbath [Won by FLCL]: This tournament combines elements of both NU and a common Other Metagame, STABmons.

NU Minitour II: If I Had You [Won by Koinzell]: In this Minitour, Players can use select Pokemon that might end up in NU during the next tier shift.

NU Minitour I [Won by Aerow]: This Tournament follows standard NU rules.


NU Viability Ranking is a project designed to help those new to NU learn about what Pokemon experienced players find to be effective. NU players rank Pokemon based on how well they perform in the tier, which can be seen in the first post of the thread. Generally, good Pokemon will generate discussion about why they are good in NU and what sets or characteristics make them so potent. Likewise, for bad Pokemon, discussion within this thread help explain why they're not effective, why they fail, and the numerous issues they have, which will result in them being ranked lower.

NU Research Week #2 is a project that looks at underrated / unexplored Pokemon. A new Research Week is posted around every week and usually four Pokemon are designated to be researched. Players can discuss and post sets that they think are effective or interesting. The Pokemon in the latest Research Group are Pawniard, Lanturn, Roselia, and Rotom-Fan.

NU Battle of the week (#13) is a project that pits players against each other. A new Battle of the Week is posted around every week and everyone can nominate three users. The two users with the most nomination will fight it out!

Counter That Threat! [Week 2: Mega Glalie] is a project that discusses a way to counter a Pokemon that the topic creator chooses. This week's threat is Mega Glalie.

NeverUsed Teambuilding Workshop is a project where users will post a Pokemon or core that they want other people to build a team around. This is mostly to help new users to understand how everything works!

NeverUsed Teambuilding Compilation is a project that gives new users an opportunity to observe and better understand how experienced NU players go about building their teams around certain Pokemon.