NeverUsed Rate My Team

The RMT subforum of Smogon sees many excellent teams posted every now and then, but they sometimes do not receive the exposure that they deserve. This page will highlight the deserving NU teams that have performed well during their time. After reading about some of these teams, feel free to get involved as well!

Free Tree by EBeast

EBeast exemplifies an excellent hail team through "Free Tree." With Snover's Snow Warning to induce hail, Rotom-F can take advantage of powerful, 100% accurate Blizzards to wreck havoc upon opposing teams. The inclusion of special Emboar with Substitute helps break down Pokemon that trouble Ice-types while surprising Emboar's usual switch-ins. EBeast included Alomomola and Golurk to handle hard-hitting threats and to provide Stealth Rock, respectively. Finally, "Free Tree" is rounded off with Skuntank to provide a solid answer to Psychic- and Ghost-types and priority in Sucker Punch.

Snow Me (One Last Kiss) by WhiteDMist

WhiteDMist's hail team is unique in that it features an overlooked threat, Pinsir, which pressures Psychic- and Ice-types, as well as most Stealth Rock users with X-Scissor and coverage moves. "Snow Me" also utilizes Rotom-F and Samurott as hail abusers to muscle through common defensive Pokemon with their respective STAB moves and Blizzard. Finally, Golem, Garbodor, and Snover provide the defensive backbone of the team to cover Normal-, Flying-, Fighting-, and Water-types commonly seen in NU. Golem and Garbodor provide Stealth Rock and Spikes, respectively, in order for the team to maintain pressure against the opponent.

frozen pork by FLCL

FLCL's "frozen pork" was one of the first teams to take advantage of the recent introduction of Snow Warning Snover to NU. It features SubSplit Rotom-F as a powerful wallbreaker with a BoltBeam combo that very few Pokemon in NU can handle. The team also uses Choice Band Emboar as another wallbreaker that can threaten out Pokemon Rotom-F fails to break through, while Cinccino acts as a fast revenge killer that can break Substitutes. Finally, Piloswine and Duosion takes on a plethora of physical threats with the former providing Stealth Rock and the latter providing an important Fighting-type resistance.

reptilians by ium

An interesting team, "reptilians" by ium, was built around one of the most underrated sweepers in the tier, Fraxure. The team features a solid defensive core with Musharna and Regice, which cover physical and special attackers with their huge defensive stats. Samurott and Absol add much needed offensive presence to the team, being able to break down walls or revenge kill opposing sweepers, respectively. ium has created a wonderful balanced team that can keep up with the metagame while having a unique spin.

The Heist by Zebraiken

"The Heist" was one of the most successful NU teams that the tier has ever seen, and brought the terror known as Substitute Bulk Up Braviary to light. Zebraiken utilized its wall-breaking potential to the fullest extent, supporting it with bulky attackers such as Gurdurr and Ludicolo. The Spikes that Garbodor provides help break down the few walls that give the team's sweepers trouble, and discourages the opponent from switching often. It's no surprise that "The Heist" was able to peak on the ladder consistently and help Zebraiken reach the NU Open Finals.