Ruins of Alph Hall of Fame

The RoA Hall of Fame lists all the significant achievements of players in the RoA Tournament Circuit.

RoA Mini-tournaments are approximately monthly, non-live tournaments that feature a unique old gen tier every iteration. The featured tiers are sometimes popular ones in the past or present, but equally can be new custom-made ones.

#1: DPP UU – Won by SilentVerse
#2: ADV Ubers – Won by undisputed
#3: RBY OU – Won by Kennen
#4: DPP Ubers – Won by HSA
#5: GSC OU + Ho-oh – Canceled
#6: Abnormal RBY – Won by Crystal_
#7: ADV UU – Won by MarceloDK
#8: DPP LC – Canceled
#9: GSC OU – Won by M Dragon
#10: RBY Ubers – Won by Jorgen
#11: ADV 200 – Won by ]V[ajinTupacZ
#12: DPP Dragons – Canceled
#13: Weatherless BW2 OU – Won by SOMALIA
#14: No Snorlax GSC OU – Won by MoxieInfinite
#15: No Psychics RBY OU – Won by Isa
#16: ADV NU – Won by scorpdestroyer

Victory RoAd is a challenge in which players must defeat a veteran trainer in each old generation's OverUsed tier, over the course of a month.

#1: Hipmonlee (RBY) | Gene (GSC) | Loki (ADV) | Earthworm (DPP) – Completed by M Dragon
#2: Floppy (RBY) | Ojama (GSC) | JabbaTheGriffin (ADV) | BKC (DPP) – Completed by Sir

RoA Premier League is a franchise team tournament based on the Smogon Premier League. It features all standard old generation OU tiers.

#1: Won by The Lucky Laprases, managed by Lutra, who were the most consistent team throughout the tournament and won in a threeway final. Congratulations to Lutra, Conflict, Toxzn, marcoasd, Lowgock, Honor, Laurel, PROBLEMS, reiku, PDC, SOMALIA, pokebasket, Cowboy_Dan, Hill and Bomber92.