Ruins of Alph Hall of Fame

Sprites by princessofmusic.

The RoA Hall of Fame lists all the significant achievements of players in the RoA Tournament Circuit.

  RoA Mini-tournaments are approximately monthly, non-live tournaments that feature a unique old gen tier every iteration. The featured tiers are sometimes popular ones in the past or present, but equally can be new custom-made ones.

#1: DPP UU – Won by SilentVerse
#2: ADV Ubers – Won by undisputed
#3: RBY OU – Won by Kennen
#4: DPP Ubers – Won by HSA
#5: GSC OU + Ho-oh – Canceled
#6: Abnormal RBY – Won by Crystal_
#7: ADV UU – Won by MarceloDK
#8: DPP LC – Canceled
#9: GSC OU – Won by M Dragon
#10: RBY Ubers – Won by Jorgen
#11: ADV 200 – Won by ]V[ajinTupacZ
#12: DPP Dragons – Canceled
#13: Weatherless BW2 OU – Won by SOMALIA
#14: No Snorlax GSC OU – Won by MoxieInfinite
#15: No Psychics RBY OU – Won by Isa
#16: ADV NU – Won by scorpdestroyer
#17: DPP Mixer – Won by DSM01
#18: BW2 RU – Won by FAJI

  Old Gens Tour Nights are a series of live, weekly tournaments held in the Old Gens Room on Pokémon Showdown! that generally feature one old generation's OverUsed tier, followed by two other tiers, across potentially two different old generations.

Week #1: ADV OU, DPP UU and RBY Random Battle – Won by Golden Sun, Conflict and Gen 1 Randbats respectively.
Week #2: RBY OU, BW NU and ADV Ubers – Won by Jellicent and Bedschibaer x2 respectively.
Week #3: BW OU, DPP Ubers and GSC Random Battle – Won by Jellicent, Bedschibaer and JigglykongisFUM16 respectively.
Week #4: DPP OU, BW RU and RBY Tradebacks OU – Won by shoananas, BKC and froggy25 respectively.
Week #5: GSC OU, BW Ubers and ADV UU – Won by Pokebasket, ZoroarkForever and froggy25 respectively.
Week #6: ADV OU and RBY Random Battle – Won by prozac and Raseri respectively.
Week #7: DPP UU and DPP Ubers – Won by dEnIsSsS and Austin respectively.
Week #8: RBY OU, BW UU and GSC Random Battle – Won by gotei(13) hyorinmaru, Khaytra and Arkian respectively.
Week #9: BW OU and ADV Ubers – Won by -Tsunami- and Raseri respectively.
Week #10: DPP OU and GSC OU – Won by PDC and prozac respectively.
Week #11: ADV OU, BW NU and RBY Tradebacks OU – Won by Mr.378 and Jellicent x2 respectively.
Week #12: BW Ubers, DPP Ubers and ADV Ubers – Won by dice, Bughouse and unfixable respectively.
Week #13: RBY OU, DPP UU and BW RU – Won by Giju and Vileman x2 respectively.
Week #14: DPP OU, BW UU and GSC Random Battle – Won by Cristal, hollywood and John76 respectively.
Week #15: BW OU, RBY Random Battle and GSC OU – Won by Conflict, drebae and Typhlito respectively.
Week #16: ADV OU, RBY Ubers and BW LC – Won by Bughouse, Jellicent and kingmidas respectively.
Week #17: RBY OU, DPP Ubers and BW NU – Won by fleggumfl and Iris x2 respectively.
Week #18: DPP OU, ADV Ubers and RBY Tradebacks OU – Won by mael, Mr.378 and Jellicent respectively.

  RoA Olympics is a hybrid individual/team tournament that features standard single elimination tournaments for each old generation's OverUsed tier, with equal numbers of entrants per team.

#1: Won by Old World (23-17 vs New World) – managed by Tomahawk and assistant managed by Bedschibaer. Congratulations to Tomahawk, Bedschibaer, Bomber92, Crystal_, During Summer, Isa, mael, marcoasd, Mister Tim, Ortheore, Joim, Kel9901, Conflict, Endeby, M Dragon, MoxieInfinite, choolio, DestinyUnknown, pokebasket, PROBLEMS, Reymedy, Steve Angello, Taylor, FLCL, boudouche, Cicada, H-C, Leftiez, Lyconik, SnowCristal! and Real.

Additionally, gold, silver and bronze medals are given out to the players who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Olympic tournaments.

   idiotfrommars (NW) for RBY OU, MoxieInfinite (OW) for GSC OU, reyscarface (NW) for ADV OU, M Dragon (OW) for DPP OU and SnowCristal! (OW) for BW OU.
   Isa (OW) for RBY OU and GSC OU, ZoroarkForever (NW) for ADV OU, badabing (NW) for DPP OU and Lavos Spawn (NW) for BW OU.
   marcoasd (OW) for RBY OU, Mr.378 (NW) for GSC OU, PROBLEMS (OW) for ADV OU, H-C (OW) for DPP OU and Cicada (OW) for BW OU.

  Victory RoAd is a challenge in which players must defeat a veteran trainer in each old generation's OverUsed tier, over the course of a month.

#1: Hipmonlee (RBY) | Gene (GSC) | Loki (ADV) | Earthworm (DPP) – Completed by M Dragon
#2: Floppy (RBY) | Ojama (GSC) | JabbaTheGriffin (ADV) | BKC (DPP) – Completed by Sir
#3: Isa (RBY) | M Dragon (GSC) | BKC / Smurf. (ADV) | Boudouche (DPP) | Ojama (BW) – Completed by Floppy

  Indigo Plateau is an annual tournament consisting of players who have conquered Victory RoAd.

#1: M Dragon vs Danilo (Sir) vs Floppy – Won by Floppy

  RoA Premier League is a franchise team tournament based on the Smogon Premier League. It features all standard old generation OU tiers.

#1: Won by The Lucky Laprases, managed by Lutra, who were the most consistent team throughout the tournament and won in a threeway final. Congratulations to Lutra, Conflict, Toxzn, marcoasd, Lowgock, Honor, Laurel, PROBLEMS, reiku, PDC, SOMALIA, pokebasket, Cowboy_Dan, Hill and Bomber92.
#2: Won by The Pacifidlog Typhloons, managed by Typhlito, who went undefeated as a team throughout the whole tournament, ending with a 6-0 record, including the final. Congratulations to Typhlito, Golden Gyarados, KratosMana, Mr.378, Cowboy Dan, Bedschibaer, FLCL, slurmz, metaphysical, Fortune, PDC, Haruno, Lord Ninjax, Vileman and Natural Talent.

  Additionally, the top win records in each of the tiers for the RoA Premier League are recognised.

#1: RBY OU – Bomber92 (5-1) | GSC OU – Hill (6-1, 4-0 played) | ADV OU – BKC (6-0) | DPP OU – Honor (5-2) | BW OU – Steve Angello (4-0)
#2: RBY OU – Golden Gyarados (5-1) | GSC OU – giara (5-0) | ADV OU – SoulWind (5-0, 87% PIP) | DPP OU – PDC (5-0) | BW OU – jacob (4-1, 75% PIP)

  Major League RoA is an annual league based individual tournament.

#1: – Won by BKC

Additionally, gold, silver and bronze medals are given out to the players who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in their conferences.

   GaryTheGengar for Western Conference, BKC for Central Conference 1, Isa for Central Conference 2, Veni Vidi Vici for Eastern Conference
   fapkingg for Western Conference, Alexander. for Central Conference 1, ZoroDark for Central Conference 2, Ortheore for Eastern Conference
   hellpowna for Western Conference, Real FV13 for Central Conference 1, Bedschibaer for Central Conference 2, Mister Tim for Eastern Conference

RoA Battle of the Week is a series of approximately weekly exhibition matches in an old gen tier. Both the tier and the competitors are voted on by the RoA community.

#1.1: ADV OUM Dragon defeated ]V[ajinTupacZ.
#1.2: GSC OUVeteran In Love defeated Jorgen.
#1.3: DPP OUHeist defeated panamaxis.
#2.1: ADV OUFloppy defeated BKC.
#2.2: DPP OUTV-Rocka defeated WhiteQueen.
#2.3: GSC OUConflict and Jorgen nominated.
#2.4: RBY OUmarcoasd defeated Isa.
#2.5: DPP UUJabbaTheGriffin defeated Oglemi.
#2.6: DPP UbersIris defeated Iconic.
#2.7: BW RUHeist defeated Hot N Cold.
#3.1: DPP UUIronBullet93 defeated Smurf.
#3.2: GSC OUidiotfrommars defeated Isa.
#3.3: BW OUMcMeghan defeated Jirachee.
#3.4: All Gen OUBKC defeated Floppy.
#3.5: RBY OULutra and gene nominated.

Special thanks to Jellicent for hosting the RoA Mini-tournaments, Old Gen Tour Nights and RoA Premier League, Lutra for hosting the RoA Olympics, Indigo Plateau, Major League RoA and RoA Premier League 2, Bedschibaer for hosting the RoA Premier League Finals and RoA Battle of the Week Mark II, BKC for hosting RoA Battle of the Week, and sandshrewz, Lavos Spawn and bugzinator (who also helped with RoA Olympics) for hosting an edition of Victory RoAd each. Additional thanks to all the managers that fulfill their duties and players who sign up and play (or intend to play) their battles in all of RoA's competitions.