Other Metagames

Introduction to the Other Metagames Hub

Welcome to the Other Metagames hub! This hub is a bit different from the rest of the tier hubs that you may be familiar with; each metagame that gets sufficient popularity will have its own page. In these pages, anything regarding the tier can go there, such as mini threat lists, projects, articles, and more. This is the place to be if you're interested in all of the wacky metagames Smogon has to offer. If you want to talk about the different other metagames, join us on the forums or on IRC on #othermetas. If you aren't used to IRC and you want to join us at #othermetas, find out more about IRC here.

Latest News

OM Hub Undergoing Major Updates

Posted by Hollywood on August 28th

Untouched nearly since its inception in BW, the OM Hub is in need of some major reworking, which The Eevee General and I are currently doing! Over the next week or so, we hope to have the hub up and running with completely up-to-date indexes, information, and metagames.

Once we finish with these updates, we'll be looking for help writing articles and other various pieces for the hub. There will be more information available when this time comes, so keep a lookout in the OM subforum for ways you can help out!

Hollywood Becomes New OM Leader

Posted by The Eevee General on August 23rd

Arcticblast's leadership has officially ended, though his presence won't be forgotten. He led Other Metagames during a time of huge growth: from a secluded section of the forums to a burgeoning area filled with many new, popular metagames. He will be missed, but you might still see him from time to time, visiting the part of the site that he once cultivated before he passed it on to its next leader.

Hollywood was already a well-known mod in Other Metagames and across the Smogon forums before taking over. He was running a few metagames and contributing to the development of many more through the submissions process--who better else than him for the new leadership position? It's Hollywood's position and influence in other parts of the site that will take Other Metagames to the next level. Expect more inclusion with other site projects and a stronger image presented for players who normally wouldn't think twice about visiting our threads. We're paving ahead, so come along for the ride!

What's Going On in Other Metagames

Posted by Arcticblast

Remember when Other Metagames was dead? Compared to its past, Other Metagames has been a hive of activity, with new metagames coming up all over the place and all sorts of activities. Other Metagames Premier League, while getting off to a rocky start, has been a blast for just about everyone involved. Other Metagame of the Month aims to showcase the more popular metagames by giving them a ladder for one month.