Smogon Doubles

What is Smogon Doubles?

When playing single battles gets tiresome, most players turn to a Doubles metagame. However, the most commonly played Doubles metagame is VGC—a tier whose restrictions are decided entirely by Game Freak. Established on December 24, 2012, Smogon Doubles brings a twist to the bring-6-choose-4 format most professional Doubles battlers find familiar by adding two extra Pokémon on each team, together with an array of Pokémon previously banned by VGC!

How is Smogon Doubles different from VGC?

  • Battles are 6v6 as opposed to 4v4
  • Pokémon default to level 100 as opposed to level 50
  • The Sleep Clause is enforced
  • The Item Clause is NOT enforced
  • The OHKO Clause is enforced
  • The Evasion Clause enforced
  • The ability Moody is banned
  • ONLY the following Pokemon are banned from play:
    • Mewtwo
    • Lugia
    • Ho-Oh
    • Kyogre
    • Groudon
    • Rayquaza
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina, Giratina-O
    • Arceus (and all formes of it)
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem-W


Having trouble mastering the concept of Smogon Doubles? Here's the place to start! Listed here are some sample teams as well as articles from Smogon's web-zine, The Smog, to get you going.

Sample Teams

Need a team to start you on your Doubles journey? Below are some successful teams which have performed well on the Doubles ladder. You're welcome to try them out and hone your Doubles skills!

  • Tailwind Offense: "Hypersonic Demolition" by Lagalaga
    Another excellent example of a team that wreaks utter havoc under Tailwind, Lagalaga's Hypersonic Demolition. As its name implies, the team is focused on dealing out as much damage as possible in the 4 short turns Tailwind is up through its arsenal of hard-hitting monsters. Able to mount constant pressure on opponents, the sheer brutality of this team (its members boast an average main attacking stat of 120) makes this an ideal starting point for beginners.

  • Rain Offense: "Team Whitewater" by Pwnemon
    The second-most common weather in OU returns with a vengeance in Doubles. Thanks to the lift of the DrizzleSwim ban, Rain Offense is a force to be reckoned with, capable of dealing damage hard and fast. Pwnemon's Team Whitewater aims to do just that, coupling the ubiquitous Kingdra with Kyurem-Black to produce a double Dragon strike force. Able to create momentum through a fast Volt Switch from Rotom-Wash or to stop the opposing team dead in their tracks with the ever-helpful Hitmontop, Team Whitewater may indeed be just as its creator described it—the best Rain team on the ladder.

  • Sand/Tailwind Offense: "Capitol Thrill" by Cease Tick
    Cease Tick's team is a great example of a hybrid Doubles team. Featuring a combination of Tailwind and Sand, Capitol Thrill is a team capable of smashing through many cores without overstretching its member's capabilities. Possibly the team that popularised Tailwind with its frighteningly powerful offensive core of Victini and Genesect, this is definitely a devastating team to have to play against.

  • Sand Offense: "Rushing Through The Sand" by Audiosurfer
    A semi-typical Sand team, Audiosurfer's Rushing Through The Sand presents few surprises... except for how effective it is. With a synergistic core of Rotom-Wash, Hitmontop and Latias to take hits and deal out the same to the opponent's team, it's easy to clear a path for Excadrill, the true star of the team, to come rampaging right through. Capable of devastating unprepared teams, this team certainly presents a strategy to beware of.

  • Sun Offense: "Cresselia too strong" by voodoo pimp
    Sun gets a lot of flak for having a weather starter which is not only weak but also frail. Even so, voodoo pimp shows that Sun teams still have a place in the fast-paced environment of Smogon Doubles. With a handful of unorthodox sets—a Glaciate Victini, an Imprison Ninetales and a Calm Mind sweeper Cresselia to finish up after the rest of the team has had their go, it's apparent where this team got its name from.

  • Bulky Trick Room: "Wreck-it-Ralph Team" by Darkmalice
    Trick Room makes a reappearence from its glory days in VGC '12 with a formidable team in the form of Darkmalice's Wreck-it-Ralph Team. Although Smogon Doubles matches are typically longer than in VGC, lowering the overall effectiveness and popularity of Trick Room, Darkmalice shows that it is still a force not to be underestimated—even without the typical Reuniclus or Conkeldurr to provide destructive force, a bulky core of Scrafty, Heatran and Exeggutor proves to be more than enough trouble to take out by themselves. Add a Cresselia putting up Trick Room for their convenience at any opportunity it gets, and you have a very frustrating team to play against.

  • Hail Offense: "Tony's Theme" by Audiosurfer
    Hail has never been a particularly popular weather, with a weather starter weak to a plethora of common move types and its main sweepers guilty of much the same thing. Audiosurfer, however, has blazed an unorthodox trail for Hail teams, creating a Hail team with only one Ice-type. Don't underestimate its efficacy, though; between the constant offensive pressure exerted by Garchomp, Volcarona, and Manaphy, and the utility and defensive snyergy of Abomasnow, Scizor and Hitmontop, it's certainly a difficult team to play around!

Useful Resources

Compiled here is a list of every article from The Smog regarding Smogon Doubles, sorted by their topics.





Round-the-clock Doubles discussion is always available on our forum thread. You can also hop on our IRC channel, #doubles, for high-quality discussion; check out this link for quick access!

Ready to do combat? Keep an eye out for our regularly hosted mini-tournaments and ladder challenges, and be prepared to face up against some of the best Doubles players Smogon has to offer!

Archive of Past Smogon Doubles Initiatives

Below you can browse some of our past tournaments, mini-tournaments, and ladder challenges.

  • Doubles Full Tournament #1: BW2 Doubles (Hosted by StarmanXL)
    Winner: Chase
    Runner-ups: gr8stard and Vinc2612
  • Doubles Mini-Tournament #1: Standard (Hosted by NixHex)
    Winner: BlankZero
    Runner-up: voodoo pimp
  • Doubles Mini-Tournament #2: BARN ALL (Hosted by Level 51)
    Winner: The Exeggutor
    Runner-ups: Ace Emerald, Joim
  • Doubles Mini-Tournament #3: Doubles UU (Hosted by Audiosurfer)
    Winner: Pocket
    Runner-up: BlankZero
  • Doubles Mini-Tournament #4: Doubles Ubers (Hosted by Audiosurfer)
    Winner: Laga
    Runner-up: polop
  • Community Challenge: Doubles Conquest (Hosted by voodoo pimp)
    Winner of Round 1: Pwnemon
    Winner of Round 2: Pocket
  • Doubles Ladder Challenges Series 1 (Hosted by Audiosurfer)
    Winner of Challenge 1 (Dark Horse): Aquasition
    Winner of Challenge 2 (Double Monotype): Venser
    Winner of Challenge 3 (No BW): Nollan
    Winner of Series: Nollan (6 points)
  • Community Challenge: Doubles Dash (Hosted by BlankZero and Pocket)
    Pre-playoffs Points Leader: Lagalaga
    Playoffs Winner: Nollan
  • Community Challenge: Doubles Conquest (Hosted by BlankZero and Pocket)
    Pre-playoffs Points Leader: Pwnemon

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