Other Metagame of the Month August 2013

What is STABmons?

STABmons (originally introduced as Super STAB) developed around a very basic concept: give every Pokémon access to every move based on its typing. Essentially, treat all moves as TMs that are only teachable to Pokémon that match that type. Hurricane is teachable to all Flying-types, Eruption to all Fire-types, and so on. For example, Keldeo can now learn all Water and Fighting moves in STABmons plus all its other normal Level Up/TMs/HMs/Move Tutor/Egg attacks as well.

Another big factor to keep in mind is all attacks available to previous evolutions and certain formes are available to their evolved or other forme counterparts respectively.


  • Standard OU banlist*
  • Standard OU clauses:
    • Sleep
    • Species
    • Evasion
    • Moody
    • OHKO
  • Sketch is banned outside of Smeargle's movepool

STABmons-specific Rules:

  • Aegislash, Darkrai, Deoxys-D, and Deoxys-S are unbanned.
  • Porygon-Z and Sylveon are banned.
  • Altarianite and Lopunnite are banned.
  • King's Rock is banned.

Evolution/Forme Changes:

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of evolution and can use all moves of that type in battle:

  • Gloom - Bellossom (Grass and Poison)
  • Onix - Steelix (Steel, Ground, and Rock)
  • Scyther - Scizor (Bug, Steel, and Flying)
  • Eevee - Eeveelutions (Corresponding type and Normal e.g. Vaporeon gets Water and Normal)
  • Azurill - Marill (Water and Normal)
  • Pupitar - Tyranitar (Rock, Dark, and Ground)
  • Surskit - Masquerain (Bug, Flying, and Water)
  • Nincada - Ninjask (Bug, Flying, and Ground)
  • Nincada - Shedinja (Bug, Ghost, and Ground)
  • Swablu - Altaria (Dragon, Flying, and Normal)
  • Skorupi - Drapion (Dark, Poison, and Bug)

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of forme change and can use all moves of that type in battle:

  • Rotom - Rotom forme (Corresponding type and Ghost e.g. Rotom-W gets Water, Electric, and Ghost. Unique types are not transferable, however, so Rotom-W cannot pass its Water moves to basic Rotom and then to Rotom-C.)
  • Shaymin-S - Shaymin (Grass and Flying)

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of forme change and can not use all moves of that type in battle: (This was decided because these forme changes only take place in battle, so theoretically they couldn't learn new moves because you can't teach a Pokémon a TM during battle)

  • Castform
  • Meloetta-A - Meloetta-P
  • Darmanitan-Z - Darmanitan



Normal is the best type in STABmons so it's no surprise that Diggersby with Huge Power is so lethal, especially considering it has STAB Ground moves to get past resists. Shell Smash gives it the Speed and Attack boosts it needs to sweep. Extreme Speed KOs most things before they can move. Earthquake threatens just about anything that Extreme Speed can't hit super-effectively. The fourth move can be a stronger Normal move like Head Charge, Fake Out for revenging, or coverage.


Fantastic typing and Technician have given Scizor dangerous new attacks like Gear Grind and Pin Missile, which can break through subs and Sturdy. Shift Gear is a great setup move for a quick +2 to Speed and +1 to Attack. Superpower is often used to get past Heatran though it will need to predict correctly against King's Shield. Some run Roost to take advantage of its mega forme's better bulk. Othertimes King's Shield can be used to thwart other physical attackers, giving Scizor more time to setup.


Sableye was already one of (if not the biggest) threats in BW. The combination of Prankster, Ghost, and Dark gives it so much utility it can shut down nearly every setup attacker in the metagame, so much so that it keeps potential threats from ever developing because they can't get around Sableye. Parting Shot or Topsy-Turvy are on almost every set. A status move like Dark Void or Will-O-Wisp are common, too. Recover, Foul Play, Destiny Bond, and Knock Off are all also viable. Even with a case of 4MSS, Sableye is still a top-ranked threat.


Defensive Steel-types gained one of the best utility moves this generation: King's Shield. Heatran can use it to neuter many physical attackers that rely on contact moves to do damage. It will usually also carry Searing Shot or Lava Plume for Fire STAB, Doom Desire and Roar to shuffle and damage the opponent's team simultaneously, and sometimes Earth Power to muscle through other Heatrans.


Tyranitar by itself is worthy of a teamslot, but with its mega stone it becomes one of the best Pokemon in all of STABmons. Knock Off is almost mandatory, as it thrashes opponents with tremendous power. As a bonus Tyranitar resists the move itself and can't lose its item, either. Diamond Storm is the best Rock STAB it has and the chance to boost Defense is only the icing. Sucker Punch gets the jump on faster targets and when used with Taunt it's a great combo. Parting Shot, Dark Void, Dragon Tail, Stealth Rock, and even Dragon Dance on offensive sets are good moves to consider.