Other Metagame of the Month August 2013

What is STABmons?

STABmons (originally introduced as Super STAB) developed around a very basic concept: give every Pokémon access to every move based on its typing. Essentially, treat all moves as TMs that are only teachable to Pokémon that match that type. Hurricane is teachable to all Flying-types, Eruption to all Fire-types, and so on. For example, Keldeo can now learn all Water and Fighting moves in STABmons plus all its other normal Level Up/TMs/HMs/Move Tutor/Egg attacks as well.

Another big factor to keep in mind is all attacks available to previous evolutions and certain formes are available to their evolved or other forme counterparts respectively.


  • Standard OU banlist*
  • Standard OU clauses:
    • Sleep
    • Species
    • Evasion
    • Moody
    • OHKO
  • Sketch is banned outside of Smeargle's movepool

(*Currently, Darkrai, Deoxys-D, Deoxys-S, Excadrill, Thundurus-I, Tornadus-T, and Landorus-I are allowed)

Evolution/Forme Changes:

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of evolution and can use all moves of that type in battle:

  • Gloom - Bellossom (Grass and Poison)
  • Onix - Steelix (Steel, Ground, and Rock)
  • Scyther - Scizor (Bug, Steel, and Flying)
  • Eevee - Eeveelutions (Corresponding type and Normal e.g. Vaporeon gets Water and Normal)
  • Azurill - Marill (Water and Normal)
  • Pupitar - Tyranitar (Rock, Dark, and Ground)
  • Surskit - Masquerain (Bug, Flying, and Water)
  • Nincada - Ninjask (Bug, Flying, and Ground)
  • Nincada - Shedinja (Bug, Ghost, and Ground)
  • Swablu - Altaria (Dragon, Flying, and Normal)
  • Skorupi - Drapion (Dark, Poison, and Bug)

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of forme change and can use all moves of that type in battle:

  • Rotom - Rotom forme (Corresponding type and Ghost e.g. Rotom-W gets Water, Electric, and Ghost. Unique types are not transferable, however, so Rotom-W cannot pass its Water moves to basic Rotom and then to Rotom-C.)
  • Shaymin-S - Shaymin (Grass and Flying)

The following Pokémon gain another STAB type from the process of forme change and can not use all moves of that type in battle: (This was decided because these forme changes only take place in battle, so theoretically they couldn't learn new moves because you can't teach a Pokémon a TM during battle)

  • Castform
  • Meloetta-A - Meloetta-P
  • Darmanitan-Z - Darmanitan



Now that the Eeveelutions have access to all Normal-type moves, Espeon in particular has become a huge threat with the combination of Magic Bounce, Shell Smash, and Stored Power. It also often holds a Fist Plate for Fighting-type Judgment and another coverage move like Shadow Ball or Signal Beam.


Fantastic typing and Technician have given Scizor a move that is so powerful it can even OHKO some Pokémon that resist it: Gear Grind. After Technician, the move has a base power of 150. Factor in STAB and it becomes 225! And if that wasn't enough, it also learns Shift Gear, which gives it a +2 boost to Speed and a +1 boost to Attack, making it one of the more fearsome sweepers. Most players give it Lum Berry or Metal Coat, but a Choice Band is still just as viable an option as in OU.


Prankster Sleep is nearly synonymous with STABmons and Sableye is one huge reason why. Dark Void may have a risky 80% accuracy, but the fact that Sableye can fire it off before most things can attack it is huge. On top of that, it's immune to ExtremeSpeed, another move synonymous with STABmons and the main factor in Normal Spam. Finally, it gets access to Prankster Destiny Bond, allowing it to take another Pokémon out as it nears the end of its lifespan.


Speaking of Normal, Ursaring is the most used Normal-type in STABmons—and for good reason. The combination of Guts, a Status Orb, and ExtremeSpeed is so common yet so effective it's no wonder Ursaring sees so much use. Fake Out is another typical attack on that set that flinches the foe and gives the turn for the Status Orb to activate. If you're looking for a revenge killer, look no further.


The outcast of Ubers has made a huge splash in STABmons with access to good setup and physical Ice STAB, two things it didn't have before. Dragon Dance, Outrage/Dragon Claw, Fusion Bolt, and usually Icicle Crash or Ice Punch make this terror one to keep in mind when team building. Ice Shard is another good addition that lets it snipe opposing Dragons and Flying-types when necessary.


And lastly, what STABmons threatlist would be complete without the original king of STABmons? If you played the game in its infancy, you remember this thing. With Chlorophyll giving it blistering Speed, it could Spore, Belly Drum, and then begin to sweep with a combination of ExtremeSpeed, Horn Leech, Jump Kick, or Nature Power. It was probably the first contender for a ban and it's no wonder why.