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Introduction to the Ubers Lair

Welcome to the Ubers Lair, where all of your Pokemon dreams come true! Being the highest tier of all, the metagame includes every single (released) Pokemon you could want but never got to use in the lower tiers. Ever wanted to feel the brute force of unleashing ridiculously powerful Draco Meteors from top-notch Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Dialga, and Palkia? Ever wanted to bring The Creator of all that is Pokemon, Arceus, from its heavenly hall to the battlefield? Or perhaps you've just wanted to feel the adrenaline of the action lurking in our tier? If so, this place is just for you!

The Ubers Lair will contain the latest news regarding the tier, be it tournaments, new projects happening in the forum, or just fresh information. On the menu to the left, you can find the Ubers forum's running projects and resources, check the leaderboard for the forum's top posters, and explore your favorite Pokemon's analysis. But, if you want to get deeper into the tier, it does not stop there! Hop onto the forum to participate in discussions, start new threads, and enjoy high quality Ubers discussion! For live discussion, please visit #ubers and #pokemon on IRC.

Latest News

Farewell, bojangles

~By Furai on October 5th, 2013.

Last night the Smogon community and specifically the Ubers community have recieved a shocking news: bojangles has stepped down from his position as Ubers tier leader and is quitting Smogon. bojangles has been invovled with Ubers from the dawn of DPP and has been a great leader. Lately bojangles's activity reduced due to life keeping him busy, and thus have decided to resign from Smogon. Best of luck in your future endeavors, bojangles, and don't forget to drop by!

MUTE, Unova Region Challenge, and XY!

~By Furai on September 25th, 2013.

XY just keeps getting closer and closer with every day that goes by, and we're all very excited for next month. XY has shaken Ubers more than Groudon's Earthquake does. Fairy-types' immunity to Dragon-type attacks, Steel no longer resisting Ghost- and Dark-type attacks, Mega Evolutions... We're in a smokescreen, as besides that, we no nothing else like their stats or new Pokemon type combinations. in the XY Metagame Speculation thread we discuss just this! We try to get a picture of the upcoming metagame and its threats, be it defensively or offensively.

XY's begin means BW's end. Two events are occuring as we speak to cherish BW Ubers:

  • The Unova Region Ubers Challenge, in which challengers must not lose to five of Ubers' finest: blackstardust, Blim, Dice, Hack He Must, syrim, and -Manaphy-- as a Substitute, in order to be victorious. The challenge is hard, but not impossible, so have at it!
  • The Most UBER Tournament Ever II. In this tournament, teams of five will be split into five divisions, where each division will get a teambuilding restriction each round. The tour is obviously skills dependant, but more teambuilding dependant, so feel free to join #ubers on synIRC to discuss teambuilding and the Ubers metagame!

Recently in C&C

~By Furai on May 5th, 2013.

With Pokemon XY and Generation VI just right around the corner, Ubers's Contributions & Corrections forum has gotten really active. There are plenty of analyses to renovate as many are outdated or just don't provide the competitive information needed. Thanks to user shrang, we have a compiled list of everything that needs an update, so feel free to join the work! User Donkey has also joined the Quality Control team, congratulations bud. Check out our newest uploads and works in progress, and don't hesitate to contribute your own analyses!

Evasion Clause - Now Unbanned & Possible Delay of Future Rounds

~By Furai on December 22nd, 2012.

Evasion Clause Voting took place yesterday, and resulted in an extraordinary sight for a static tier such as Uber: Evasion Clause is now unbanned! That's are pretty exciting news, as Ubers will finally have a change in its metagame. The voting was decided by a majority of 64.28% that voted to unban (18 voters), whereas 8 voters called to keep it banned, and 2 abstained, including councilman and Ubers moderator Poppy. The day after the vote, many people were not amused by this, as we all know how annoying Evasion can get.

Furthermore, because of Smogon's Premier League, next round just might be delayed as to not mess up the ruleset of the players during the league. We'll keep you guys updated; until then, see you around!

OHKO Clause remains Banned, Moving on to Evasion Clause!

~By Furai on November 30th, 2012.

With the first round of Ubers Clause Testing over, we have brought news! With a majority of 19 votes, being 61.29% of total votes, the Ubers council and community has decided to keep the OHKO clause banned. You can see the full vote right over here. But we do not stop there! The first round is over, and now we're up for the second round: Evasion Clause. To vote, you must achieve a Glicko2 rating of 2000 and a deviation of 55 or lower on the Ubers Suspect ladder. I wish you the best of luck; happy laddering!

Ubers Mini-Tournament #2

~By Furai on September 29, 2012.

After the first one was won by ssbbm, it's time for a new one! In this Mini-Tournament, I will be unbanning each round for you guys to experiment with, to give us a little preview of what's going to happen with the Clause Testing. For round 1, Moody Bibarel, Glalie, and Octillery are unbanned, but Moody Smeargle remains banned. Sign-ups are open, and make sure to post your opinions in the np: thread, here.

Suspect Testing has Landed in Ubers!

~By Furai on September 18, 2012.

It's the End of the World as We Know It! Although it does not seem normal for Ubers to have suspect testing, we will be hosting a voting system for Ubers. Don't get too pumped up; as not a single Pokemon will be banned. We're testing something slightly different: the effects of the standard battle clauses on the metagame and its competitiveness. We will question whether species, OHKO, and sleep clause are broken; we will change the tier's banlist on the ladder constantly to test these clauses; we will change Ubers as we know it. Getting to vote in rounds brings you closer to the Tiering Contributor badge, so be sure to keep a high position on the ladder, be active on IRC, and show high-quality knowledge in the Ubers subforum! Ubers surely just took an interesting turn; be sure to stay tuned!