UnderUsed Leadership


kokoloko is the current tier leader of UU. He started contributing to BW UU around January 2012, and quickly rose in Smogon leadership. He has been the UU Quality Control leader since June 2012 and leads the ongoing task of putting quality analyses on the Smogon website. Until his promotion to tier leader, he was the leader of the UU Senate, the council that ensures the metagame stays balanced. Now, as the tier leader, kokoloko oversees everything UU. He ensures the Senate is run properly, makes sure the forum posts are appropriate and promote discussion, and continues to lead the UU C&C team.


RT. is a long time UU player and has been a part of the tier since 2009. Because of his experience in the UU tier, he was promoted to the rank of moderator in October 2012 in both the UU metagame subforum and the UU C&C subforum. Not only does he assist kokoloko in moderating the subforum and managing analysis work, he is also the Senate leader. As the Senate leader he leads the council that controls tiering in UU; he helps to decide future suspects and Senate qualifications.

Ace Emerald

Ace Emerald is the newest addition to the UU moderation team. He is a much newer Smogon user compared to kokoloko and RT., he's only actively been contributing to the UU for about 10 months, but his dedication to the tier and community saw him promoted to moderator. He assists kokoloko and RT. in moderating the forums, guiding discussions and ensuring they stay productive and on topic.

UU Quality Control

The Quality Control team is currently composed of ten members: kokoloko, Ace Emerald, RT., DestinyUnknown, FlareBlitz, JabbaTheGriffin, PK Gaming, reachzero, Upstart, Ernesto, PsYch071c, and Lonelyness. They are responsible for checking analyses to makes sure they meet the standards Smogon holds for onsite analyses. When a contributor wants to write an analysis, he or she posts a thread in the UU Analyses subforum. The QC team then looks at the analysis to make sure it is high quality: they look for the optimized sets, an accurate threat lists, and a thorough description of what the Pokemon can do, and how it does it. After three different QC members stamp an analysis with approval, the analysis can continue on the journey that will bring it to a page on the Smogon site.

Past Leadership


JabbaTheGriffin was the UU man for a long time. He led DPP UU for about half of its existence and was a driving force in making the tier one of the best and most balanced in Smogon history. When the 5th Generation rolled around, he kicked off BW UU and led the tier until December 2012, when he handed it to kokoloko. He still contributes to the UU tier, helping to shape the tier with his position on the UU Senate.