UnderUsed Forum Projects and Resources


np: UU Stage 13 - Ghosts N Stuff is a general discussion thread and is where most of the UU-related discussion happens. This is a great thread to start out in when you want to start posting.

July 2013 Usage Stats lists the current most used Pokemon, leads, and playstyles in the tier.

Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer is the place to go if you have any basic questions about the tier.

The UU Senate thread lists the current Senate members. It also explains any changes that have been made to the Senate structure. If you have any questions, the Senators are the people to ask!

UnderUsed Contributions and Corrections is an excellent place to go to if you want to contribute to the site. You can reserve an analysis in the Index Thread or comment on analyses that are works in progress.


The UU Role Comparison Project is a project that compares and contrasts many Pokemon that have a similar niche or function in UU. It's a great place to find alternative Pokemon and sets that are still viable.

Lower-Tier Threats is a discussion that looks at Pokemon in the tiers below UU and how they stack up in the metagame.

The UU Viability Ranking project attempts to categorize all UU-viable Pokemon into tiers according to their relative power.

The Next Best Thing is a project that aims to discover new sets for common Pokemon. A Pokemon is featured every week for people to design creative and effective sets for it. At the end of the week, users will vote on the most effective and creative set, and then a new Pokemon will be featured.

Don't Use This, Use That (UU Edition) is a thread that first outlines a common "noob" set or Pokemon, then describes a similar but superior set. It's a great resource for beginning players that want to know what's good and what's not.


UU Battle of the Week is a community challenge where users vote to see which players will duke it out in a weekly public brawl.


None at the moment.