VGC Resources and Projects


The VGC Simple Question, Simple Answer thread is the easiest place to get quick answers to any simple VGC-related questions you might have.

The Smogon server on Pokemon Showdown! is a great simulator to practice VGC on. Be sure to read up on the rules before going there. You can find past simulator statistics here.

The VGC 2013 Regional Rules are a key resource to check out before teambuilding and attending any 2013 VGC events.


VGC Pokemon of the Week is a thread that focuses discussion on a different VGC threat every week.

VGC Mini-Tournaments are small, fun tournaments hosted in the VGC forum. The current tournament can be found here. Sign-ups are currently closed.


Smogon and GBU Differences thanks to BattleStar is short run-down of what major things are different between Smogon's ruleset and GBU's ruleset.

Utilizing Team Preview in GBU thanks to BattleStar is a guide that details how best to prepare for the new Team Preview feature in GBU battling.