1. Basic Information
  2. Rules
  3. Point System

Basic Information

  • These are Wifi tournaments.
  • The type of tournament changes every week and will be listed in the schedule.
  • The tournaments are usually at 3 EST on Sundays, but more specifics can be found in individual threads.
  • All of these tournaments will be conducted on #smogonwifi on the synIRC server of IRC. For instructions on how to join, visit here.
  • The host of the tournament will be the person who posts the thread, host information will also be in the schedule.
  • You must have a Smogon Forum account to sign-up for a Smogon Live Tournament.
  • There is a 20 minute time limit for each round. If you exceed the time limit, notify the current host. He or she will determine the winner based on the current advantage between the players.
  • Have a team ready before the tournament begins. This is a live tournament. If you don't have a team ready when the tournament begins, you will be subbed out.
  • You may change teams between rounds.
  • Do not hassle the host of the tournament.
  • Disqualifications are at the discretion of the tournament host, unless the situation is extreme the first DQ will be a warning, while the second will blacklist you from Smgon Live Tournaments.
  • Hosts have substantial latitude when it comes to running the live tournaments. Obey the host's rulings at all times.
  • Participants must promptly report when he or she wins the match against the opponent. Failure to do so delays the progress of the tournament.



  • OU (Overused, Standard)
    • Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, OHKO Clause, Self-KO Clause are all in effect.
    • Occasionally we will limit to the Pokemon (3v3 etc) this is for time purposes as 6v6 can take too long.
  • 2009 VGC
    • Rules can be found here. Only the applicable rules apply.
    • Free level is the standard, but if both players agree forced level 50 may be used.
  • 2010 VGC
    • The rules can be found here. Only applicable rules apply.
    • Forced 50 is the standard, but if both players agree free level may be used.
  • 2011 VGC
    • The rules can be found here. Only applicable rules apply.

Tournament Styles

  • Single Elimination
    • A simple bracket resulting in a winner.
    • One loss are you are out.
  • Double Elimination
    • Like single elimination, except your first loss only moves you to the losers bracket.
  • Swiss
    • The number of rounds is decided before starting.
    • All players play all rounds.
    • Players will be paired with people of the same record.
    • There are no rematches, competitors will play up or down instead
    • Standings will be kept in the thread for the tournament.
    • Tie breaker is decided by opponents win percentage and first loss
    • For larger tournaments a top cut of players will move on to a single elimination final.
  • Round Robin
    • Used when there is a small number of players.
    • All players play all other players.
    • Tie breaker is head to head.
    • In the event of a three way tie there will be a playoff to decide the winner.
    • Players are expected to register the friend codes of all other participants, and play whoever is online then report the results to the host.

Point System

A leaderboard of points is kept for the Smogon Live Tournaments. After the three month season is over, the top 8 players move on to a double elimination tournament in which matches are the best 2 out of 3 of the three metagames for that season. Players can't lose points except by being disqualified, and gain points based on how they fair in the weekly tournaments they participate in. For most tournaments, 5 points are given for first, 3 for second, 2 for top 4, and 1 for top 8. Instead 3 points are given for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third or top four depending on the tournament style, if there are less than 12 players.