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The following is the schedule for the 16th Smogon Tour. The effective tier list for each week will be that which is in effect for the applicable standard ladder on the Smogon server of Pokemon Online. As such, changes brought about through the suspect testing process will be reflected in Smogon Tour play.

Tour Schedule

The table below contains the schedule for this season of the Smogon Tour. Notice that all times listed are United States Eastern time. Eastern time is normally GMT -5, however it becomes GMT -4 during daylight savings time. Please be sure to be attentive to the start time since the sign-up thread is always posted promptly and fills very quickly. Hosts for each tournament this season are also listed. These are the people you will contact if you experience a problem during the Smogon Tour. Please be aware that many times 192 people are contacting the host at the same time, so please be patient if it takes the host a moment to respond to your inquiry.

Tour Schedule Information
Week Tier Host(s) Date Time (EST)
1ADV OUHosts TBAFriday, September 66:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, September 74:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, September 82:00 PM
2DPP OUHosts TBAFriday, September 136:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, September 144:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, September 152:00 PM
3BW2 OUHosts TBAFriday, September 206:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, September 214:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, September 222:00 PM
4ADV OUHosts TBAFriday, September 276:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, September 284:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, September 292:00 PM
5DPP OUHosts TBAFriday, October 46:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, October 54:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, October 62:00 PM
6BW2 OUHosts TBAFriday, October 116:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, October 124:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, October 132:00 PM
7ADV OUHosts TBAFriday, October 186:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, October 194:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, October 202:00 PM
8DPP OUHosts TBAFriday, October 256:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, October 264:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, October 272:00 PM
9BW2 OUHosts TBAFriday, November 16:00 PM
Hosts TBASaturday, November 24:00 PM
Hosts TBASunday, November 32:00 PM