VGC 2010 (Akiratron): Warstory, or Should I Say EPIC FAIL


Hey all, I thought I'd drop my warstory even though there is not much to it as I went out in Round 2. Before this event I was juggling around with 3 or 4 teams but decided to use Miss Campo's TR team (with a slight change) on the Thursday as it played very different to my all attack approach at the VGC 2009 in London.

The Team

Smeargle@ focus sash
252 Hp / 252 SpDef/ 6 Def

Fake Out
Dark Void
Super Fang

Diagla @ lum berry
252 Hp / 252 SpAtt / 6 Def

Dragon Pulse
Trick Room

Kyogre@ wacan beery
252 Hp / 252 SpAtt / 6 Def

Water Spout
Ice beam

Tyranitar@ Iron Ball
252 Hp / 252 Att / 6 Def


Setting Off

My travel begins on Friday morning where I leave from Leeds, heading to Coventry with a short stay in Birmingham to see some friends. Coventry is my hometown so it was a double bonus trip to see friends and family and get to play pokemon and meet up with some Smogonites.

The Big Day

So the day is finally here! I initially planned to meet up with Osirus beforehand. That plan went up in the air, with traffic actually getting to Coventry station then taking a train to the NEC (which seem to take forever). Finally getting to the Pavillion me and girlfriend see the massive queue. What comes next is a long 2 hour wait in queue, which is broken up chatting to the people in line (helping the less experienced with tactics and rng abuse) and trying to fill in my team sheet in the most covert way possible as I notice some guys trying to take a sneak peek on the rare occasion. As we get closer to the registration table, some staff indicate that myself and the other around me might not be able to get in too battle due to the all the spots being filled up. There was a larger group behind us, but they blamed people who had been pushing in all day and queue jumping who effectively took those peoples places. Luckily I was 2nd from last so I was able to get in

And proceeded to enter the green zone

Round 1 — 4-0

I face a guy who was amongst the same crowd who queued up with me, he leads off with Dragonite and Mewtwo. I run the standard strategy of Fake out and TR, allowing Dark Void on the next turn and the quick and easy destruction of his whole team. He had a Raquaza and I forgot his last pokemon in reserve who fell to Kyorgre’s full powered Water Spout.

Round 2 — 0-2

Surprisingly I’m up against another guy who was a few persons ahead of me waiting in line who I was chatting to
He leads off with Electivire and Scizor – I fake out on Electivire and and TR with Diagla as Electivire flinches whilst his Scizor X scissors Smeargle. With TR set up I Dark Void as he switches in Kyorgre and things seem to be in my control, however super fang misses and dragon pulse only manages to take half of Kyogre. At this part I realise I need to finish these guys off quickly before they wake up but Super fang again misses and I manage to bring kyorgre down to just a little hp. All this time I should have considered the threat of Electivire alot more, however my confidence got the better of me so when TR ran out he was left with Mewtwo and Electivire who then proceeded to sweep me leaving me with only Kyogre in which he ued ‘Me First’ Game over and GG. I congratulated and wished him luck in the next round.

The walk of shame

Out in round 2, I took the defeat on the chin. I then met the rest of the Smogoners, Picollo told me how he lost and Habitas. But was good to see the guys who made it chilling in the finalist lounge.

Final Thoughts

Congrats to Reese, Kinneas, Osirus and GEC for making it to the top 4. Osirus I hope you can make it over there as you dealt with the tension and pressure really well and finished each match quickly with confidence you did very well and hope you can get a ticket to represent with the big dogs. The final was hype!!!!!! Reese so funny at the end trying to get the beer can to the head of Nintendo europe’s displeasure. The whole scale of this event was amazing, more things to do like the king of the hill and the press made it seem like a mini Olympics. The NEC was an awesome venue and I hope they continue to use that as the central location means everyone can easily get there. Picollo I hope you do well in your heat in Germany, your team is awesome and you told me the team change which I think works brilliantly, get to the top 4 and beyond please. Pokerob your a funny guy, my girlfriend thought you brought charisma and that you had a mini pokerob was awesome.

As for me I’m gutted with my performance, but you win some lose some. I’m pumped for next year already and I’ll be looking to get some revenge at Havak’s event in July so WATCH OUT

Major shouts out go to Osirus, EE and Godudette for helping with my team. You guys are the best :)