VGC 2010 Birmingham (-Dragon9)

The Team

Hitmontop Lugia Kyogre Abomasnow

The Night Before - I'm up to around midnight EV training my Kyogre since I accidentally trained it in 255 Speed and only had 3 in HP. Believe it or not 1 extra HP could be the difference between winning/losing.

8am - My friend arrives at my house and we set off, with me nervous as hell.

12:40pm - Finally arrive at Birmingham Internation Station, but I had recieved a text from B-Lulz stating that "it's full". I wern't sure what he meant by that as 256 people already with only 130 last year before registration had even started???

We made our way towards the Pavillion through the typical British weather (rain). I hear someone call my name from behind, it's B-Lulz. So he informs that basically my journey was a total waste. Which is confirmed by the lady outside, "I'm afraid none of you will be able to compete, but you can still enjoy yourself by getting a shiny Eevee!". I don't want a fricken Eevee! We noticed the queue inside and we were hesistant on whether to jump or not. After seeing a man just jump in without getting caught, I immediately follow. B-Lulz later-on joins us, and we're amazed by how easy it was. We slowly make our way towards the registration desk.

Round 1 v Tyranitar Infernape Gengar Ludicolo

I'm shaking and as nervous as hell, but I get on with it. As his leads come out, I'm curious whether he knows the Game Mechanics (EV's, IV's etc.). I test this theory by Mach Punching his Tyranitar expecting a berry or sash. Nothing of the sort, it's an OHKO. Lugia Aeroblasts Infernape for an OHKO. I'm quite pleased at this point as I know it's going to be a simple game. He brings in Gengar and Ludicolo, I end the game with Sucker Punch from Hitmontop and Aeroblast from Lugia. We shake hands and we're on to the next round.

Round 2 v Groudon Jumpluff Shiftry Ho-Oh

I make my way to the Orange Zone (Round 2). I confront my opponent, seemed very friendly. I ask him what forum he's from, but he said he's new to Pokémon and isn't part of one. I'm thinking I've hit the jackpot, if he's new he probably doesn't EV train or anything. The battle starts and he leads with Groudon and Jumpluff, which is when I'm beginning to get worried, seeing a combination of Pokémon with synergy between them. I start by using Fake Out on his Groudon and Aeroblasting his Jumpluff. I completely forget about Chlorophyll and he uses Sleep Powder on Lugia. Now I'm getting slightly worried. I decide to switch Lugia for my ScarfKyogre to cancel out the speed boost for his Jumpluff and it's unlikely he'll predict a switch. I detect with Hitmontop and Kyogre takes a small amount of damage from Groudon's Earthquake while Jumpluff attempts to Sleep Powder Hitmontop. I decide to Blizzard (+Mach Punch Groudon) which manages to KO both of his Pokémon. He brings in Shiftry and Ho-Oh. Without the Sun I feel that he can't possibly win. I completely forget about the possible Grass Knot from Shiftry straight after I select my moves. Somehow Kyogre survives the Grass Knot, but Hitmontop is KO'd. I decide to bring in Lugia over Abomasnow as Ho-Oh is just going to destroy it. Kyogre uses Blizzard once again, which is a KO on his Shiftry and did quite a bit to Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh KOs Kyogre and Lugia is still fast asleep. I bring in Abomasnow fearing the worst. I go for a Blizzard with Abomasnow, but Lugia wakes up thankfully and ends the game with Thunder.

At this point I discover my friend with no experience whatsoever (doesn't know what EV's, IV's, STAB is) has made it to the finalist lounge with the team I gave him.

Round 3 v Giratina Zapdos Palkia? Ludicolo

We start the game and I'm not sure what to do. Neither of my leads can hit Zapdos hard. I expect Giratina to Shadow Force, so I Sucker Punch Giratina and Aeroblast Giratina. Sucker Punch fails, which surprises me, and Aeroblast does about 20%. Zapdos uses Thunder which misses, and Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp on Lugia which I'm still not sure why. I decide to change my target to Zapdos by using Sucker Punch and Aeroblast on it. Zapdos takes a good amount of damage and Thunder hits Lugia this time. Leaving it on red health, while Giratina attempts to Will-O-Wisp my Hitmontop but it misses. Burn kills off Lugia, so I bring in ScarfKyogre. I just want to get rid of the Zapdos now so I use Water Spout for the Zapdos KO and does a good amount of Giratina. Giratina uses Dragon Claw on Kyogre which does a decent amount. I believe he brings in Palkia and I switch my Kyogre with Abomasnow. I've forgotten the rest, but all I remember is his last Pokémon is Ludicolo and mine is ScarfKyogre. I say GG, as I'm sure he's won since my Rain will set off Swift Swim will surely cost me the game. I bring in my Kyogre sadly and Thunder hoping for a crit, but I only get para which doesn't trigger on his Grass Knot attack. Grass Knot did about 70%. I'm shocked that I've outsped him? It appears he is using Rain Dish. I couldn't believe it. He attempts to Protect, but parahax got him, not that it mattered as he was in deep red. Thunder!

w00t! Top 32!

Me, B-Lulz and my friend meet up afterwards super pleased (lolsuperpleased) that we made it through. My nerves got to me and I couldn't eat a thing.

At around 3:30pm they called all of us over to collect our game carts, expressing clearly that we must not open them or face disqualification. In the finalist area kind of thing, I saw Kinneas, Havak, Giant Enemy Crab, but being my usual self I was too shy to say "hello".

Top 32 v Havak (

I'm extremely nervous and I mutter to myself, "Damn, not Havak". I was sure my VGC would end here. I believe he heard me and he smiled. We shook hands and we had to wait for the stupid countdown before beginning. So as soon as I saw my Pokémon I felt a sigh of relief as my team was made to be able to handle this team. I Fake Out Kyogre but he outspeeds and flinches mine. I Thunder and get a critical hit on his Kyogre, which likely cost him the game. Now he brought in his Giratina-O. I used Thunder on his Hitmontop and Sucker Punch'd his Giratina, he used Shadow Force and Sucker Punch'd my Lugia which KO'd, but Life Orb recoil forced a Self-KO. I brought in my ScarfKyogre and he brought in his Abomasnow. I used Blizzard which hit Abomasnow quite hard. My Mach Punch did about 97% to his Abomasnow and Shadow Force took my Kyogre out, along with Hail taking my Hitmontop out. Now I'm left with my Abomasnow. I use Ice Shard to get rid of Giratina-O fearing a possible OHKO'ing attack. His Abomasnow uses Blizzard which wrecks my Abomasnow and does around 78%. At this point it's extremely intense. I Ice Shard, expecting it to be over since he's just on the outskirts of red and I've invested 252 Atk EVs. I'm shocked to find he has survived with like 1%. He Ice Shards, which does about 10%. He Ice Shards but once again it does about 10% and I finish the match with my Ice Shard. This is probably wrong.

Top 16 v Something Something Palkia Abomasnow

All I remember is my last Pokémon is Abomasnow and he has Palkia with like 4% and Abomasnow with around 30% and I Protect. Palkia faints and I Blizzard for game. We didn't really talk to each other and moves were taking awhile to be selected.

Top 8 v Kinneas Hitmontop Giratina-O Kyogre Abomasnow

Kinneas walks towards me with a smile on his face. Damn! I didn't want to face him till maybe the finals. He immediately recognizes and we wish each other good luck and shake hands. I get completely smashed. I attempt a double attack on his Hitmontop which uses Detect. Giratina gets a free Shadow Force which Crits my Lugia for an OHKO. Now I know I've lost. My Kyogre manages to get rid of his Hitmontop but Giratina hits me hard with Shadow Force.I manage to get rid of his Giratina but his Kyogre uses Thunder to take Kyogre out. That leaves me with Hitmontop and Abomasnow. Can't remember much, but I lose. GG.

I walk off thinking of the coulds and shoulds, but it still lingers in my head that I was one away from a DSi and an invite to Hawaii. I stay for the finals then leave to catch my train. Oh well, after two days I'm over it and I'm now focusing on the TCG which I hope to do well in and join Kinneas, Blackbird, GEC and Osirus in Hawaii.

P.S - Forgot to get my Shiny Eevee :P


  • Getting to meet such great people (B-Lulz, Kinneas, Havak, GEC [Didn't get to speak to him though]).
  • Getting to compete
  • Top 8
  • The Assassin for building the team with me.
  • Tyler for EV training some stuff
  • Alakapimp, Huy, godudette for the Hitmontop :)


  • One away from a DSi + Hawaii invite :(
  • Long journey
  • Poor weather