VGC 2010 Seattle (skarm)

Hi everyone. I'm dead tired right now, having had about 8 hours worth of sleep in the last three nights (these tournament events tend to do that!), but a lot of people keep asking what the first few rounds of this year's VGC events are like, and how the Kyogre/Hitmontop team works. Since I think the latter is fairly obvious, I'm willing to post some stuff including a video of myself in R3 using it. It's a good showcase of Hitmontop, which is likely famous now.

Hopefully this helps you get some idea of what you're likely to face.

For the record I used the same team, give or take some EVs, as zerowing did.

R1: Henry

Opponent: Infernape, Weavile, Giratina-O, Mewtwo

My opponent led with Infernape and Weavile, which I originally assumed would have both used Fake Out to be annoying. Instead, my Fake Out with 'Top hit Infernape and Kyogre KO'd both opponents with Water Spout. My opponent mentioned that Infernape had the Sash, so I was correct when I hit it instead.

Henry then sent out Giratina-O and Mewtwo. I scored a critical hit Sucker Punch with 'Top on Mewtwo which was a one hit-KO, and Kygore Water Spouted again to severely damage Giratina-O before taking a Thunderbolt in return. On the final turn I swapped Kyogre with Abomasnow, but ended up finishing the battle with another Sucker Punch from 'Top.

Result: 4-0.

R2: Cody

Opponent: Giratina-O, Scizor, ???, ???

My memory is terrible. My opponent posted below and other than originally remembering the Scizor the recolletion was wrong since it had my using Fake Out on Scizor's lead partner, which I thought was Dialga, but turned out to be Giratina-O. So yeah.

Result: 3-0.

R3: Jonathan

This was a good match. I have it uploaded via vs recorder. Just watch it there.


Really, I thought I was going to lose this match until I paralyzed his Scarf Palkia. However, his Weavile either didn't have Fake Out, or he made an error and didn't use it against my Kyogre on the last turn. The main error I made was Protecting with Hitmontop the turn I brought in Giratina. I ended up apologizing quite a bit for paralyzing his Palkia.

R4: Chris Tsai (2008 Los Angeles Champion)

Chris was, as I found out while sitting in the finalists lounge after round 3, the man himself that had defeated zerowing in 2008 at LA. He's a cool guy. Anyway, after some weird situation involving byes, too many byes, and Chris and I's being revoked, we had to play each other even though the rest of the pairings that round were random. Dang RNG!

Chris asked that we didn't reveal his team, and as he's likely playing in SFO, that's fair. Not to lessen Chris' victory, but his team matched very well against mine, and he emerged victorious. An excellent match, Chris. Good luck in SFO!