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Smogon XY Research

Smogon is committed to the game of competitive Pokémon, and uses what is available from the game as the sole basis for what is available in its metagames. Therefore, knowing the movepools, stats, etc. of Pokemon new and old is a vital endeavor to create its metagames. Tons of information has been researched so far, but there is still much to come! Current research is linked below so you can have an idea of what is available in Pokémon XY.

Pokémon Data

Data on the new Pokémon, from movepools to stats to typing, is vital so that competitive battlers can make informed decisions as to what Pokémon they used and for simulators to properly implement the Pokémon. Movepools of old Pokémon also need to be researched, and base stat changes have even been discovered!

  • Pokémon threads: These can be found in the XY Research forum. In these threads, data on movepools, stats, typing, and abilities are listed. Pre-evolutions and Mega Evolutions are listed within the threads of the fully-evolved form of each family. Pokémon with Mega Evolutions are denoted by a 'MEvo' prefix, and new Pokémon are given a 'New!' prefix. If a Pokémon has no data in its thread, it is most likely currently unobtainable in XY.
  • Old Pokémon base stat changes: These can be found in this thread. Numerous Pokémon have had +10 boosts in one or two stats, such as Raichu gaining 110 base Speed and Scolipede receiving 100 base Attack.

In-Game Descriptions

The game has descriptions of each move, item, and ability. These provide insight as to what each one does as well as add flavor.

In-Game Locations

Locations of TMs and other items are vital for in-game players to create good competitive teams. Research has been conducted to provide a comprehensive list of all item locations.

In-Game Mechanics

Knowing proper mechanics is vital to having an accurate simulator. Research is being conducted on the mechanics in all aspects of XY.

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