September 2009 with moot at PAX in Seattle. I think he's the first Smogonite I met that I didn't know offline already. It was a quick meetup before we both had to run our separate ways.

September 2010 with moot again in Seattle for another PAX. At this point I'd met a few others at VGC Seattle! Both of us exhausted and meeting up to hang out for a few minutes before my bus home.

November 2010 with Chinese Dood, Articuno64, caffwin, Ala, Ninahaza, and Eraddd while Ninahaza was visiting Vancouver. I'd met the first three at VGC but it was my first time meeting the latter three.

May 2011 with Brain and Vineon while I was visiting Montreal. I'd met Brain when he was visiting Vancouver about five months earlier, but first time getting the chance to butcher Vincent's name in person.

August 2011 with Ripchord, Umbreon Dan, DM, gene, ivysaur, Snkz, Phiddlesticks, Jackal, Layell, Brain, gk, and Captain Kishimoto. Aside from DM, Phiddlesticks, and Brain this was my first time meeting all these people in the east! Had fun in Toronto for two days.

October 2011 with FearZeCrawduant, Starmetroid, Eraddd, Articuno64, caffwin, Chinese Dood, and his girlfriend for Autumn Battle Roads. My first time seeing all the BC people again after getting back to Vancouver!

November 2011 with FearZeCrawduant, Starmetroid, and their friend at Vancouver City Championships. I has no hat.

title slide for my final interactive video project

I need better lighting in my room.

Me in zombie clothing but before make-up for my school's upcoming lipdub:

This is the only picture from my trip to Europe that I have uploaded so far due to a combination of being lazy and not having something to resize pictures installed on my desktop.

Helluva weekend. I graduated from Simon Fraser University and then in the Pokemon world I graduated from Smogon University! Yay for moving on to bigger, better things!

It was our first day of sun in a week I wasn't used to looking at it :( I think I'm in the middle of smiling here though: