Group/Meetup Pictures

Meetup in toronto '11 (back row: DM, Ivysaur, Phiddlesticks, Layell. middle row: Ripchord, Umbreon Dan, gene, Snkz, Firestorm, gK, Captain Kishimoto. front row: Jackal, Brain, ivar)

October 2011 Meetup in BC (FearZeCrawduant, Starmetroid, Firestorm, Eraddd, Articuno64, caffwin, Chinese Dood, and his girlfriend for Autumn Battle Roads)

So the other day a few noobs got together for bowling. (Chill Murray, pookar, kittenmay)

Undaunted, I made my way to Buffalo where I ended up getting caught in the middle of a St. Bonaventure rally with our resident R&B superstar (Chill Murray, DM)

VGC Paris March 2012

Twash + me (right)(GEC)


struggling to fit into the photo (Poppy, Hugendugen, Earthworm)

sharing a brew with my main man pop (Poppy, Hugendugen)

playa lookin smooth and Earthworm patriotic as ever xD (Earthworm, Playa)

I met Sarenji and he bought me food like a good boy. (Matthew, Sarenji)

So I went to London to experience British culture and we ended up here at the end. (cookie, McGraw, Firestorm, Dozz)

MINI SMOCON: (pookar, Giga Punch, kittenmay, LonelyNess)

hi (kittenmay, LonelyNess)

Myself and Hudendugen a few weeks back, already pretty trashed nice and early in the night! (Stallion, Hugendugen)

Who says you cannot find handsome guys at a VGC event, just look at my left and right (bearsfan092, Ninahaza, Syed)

The Aesthetics (you can read)

Hugendugen (left) and Stallion (right) hang out for an evening of revelry and shenanigans

NixHex's pics from US Nats 2012. Left-to-right: Ninahaza, Paul, OmegaDonut, Stephanie, with macle photo bombing in the distance

OmegaDonut and NixHex

Firestorm and NixHex

huge group pic

and here we are sharing a banana split. how.fucking.adorable (Ninahaza, OmegaDonut)

Ray letting me have a taste of what it feels like to not only be a champion, but to completely dominate the world 3 years in a row. that was such a nice trophy (BlueCookies, Ninahaza)