My sis and I greeting the Danish crown prince/princess at the airport. She gave them flowers and I had to gave them two cuddly toys for their kids (a koala and the ugliest emu I've ever seen in my life). Here's an article about it if you're interested I'm not really a fan of monarchies (I don't see why someone should be born into a position like that), but they seemed nice. And how can you I say no to an opportunity to suit up?

Speaking of which, ginganinja and I recently clashed in a Zoolander-walk-off-esque 'suit up challenge' and here's my god awful attempt at Blue Steel ;)

Failing to keep a straight face:

At my mate's 18th, a year back, on a fricking pirate ship! This was me at the beginning of the night. It ended with me consuming Jack Sparrow amounts of rum('n'coke) and falling in the lake. lol probably the drunkest I've ever been :S

Who's that badass at Ikea?

Hanging out at my childhood home with a hangover and my dog/bro.

At Tivoli in Denmark, with the family. Honestly one of my favourite places in the world :)

A year and a half ago, when I shaved my head (and *cringes* waxed my legs) for charity. Turns out I have the skull of an alien, but I raised $700 for the Leukemia Foundation, so totally worth it!

Besides, when you just so happen to be bald, why not take advantage of it? I am somewhat of a photobomb enthusiast after all :P

Haha, turns out I'd mastered the art at a pretty young age.

Hope you enjoyed that insight into my life. Now let's finish this the only way I know how...

...walking solemly into the distance.

I'm the Christmas spirit so here are a couple of pics from a house just down the road. It broke the world record for most christmas lights on a residential property.


pops and I took on the 'Crazy Wings Challenge'. We came, we saw, we conquered. Those are tears of victory.

Chance to suit up and good times a plenty.

Some holiday snaps

Roskilde Festival~~