Went to a pretty big function the other day, and I think I look damn good in my suit soo....

Me and Tazmanian Devil, nbd. I think that it's a pretty bad photo of me imo, but it's funny so meh haha.


Me and a few of the people on the guys/girls tennis team. This was at changing of the guard, and some of us (including myself and the girl I have my arm around) got hammered haha.

Took this photo to show my undying love for Alice. I actually like the way I look in it here though a lot.

My girlfriend and I recently went to West Palm Beach. Got some semi decent photos of us (she looks good, I think I look like shit). I hate not being photogenic :[

ok, because I have been pestered by a large number of people to do this (mainly by Hugen, Violatic, and Desolate, but many others too), and for some bizarre reason, you people are obsessed with seeing me shirtless, I have decided to humor you. I just got back from the gym and feel good enough to warrant this anyway:

I was also bored at work, and took this gem:

My first attempt to smile in a photo. I look goofy because I haven't smiled with my teeth in a photo in years lol

The caves were freaking huge (I am 6-2)

This is a cute photo of us :)