Jacked Jesus

Guess what i stumbled upon today, the only Plushie i own. I am so going shopping for plushies in Hawaii this year, cant wait for worlds

Pikachu: whisperwhisperwhisperwhisper Me: Huy did WHAT with Kinneas when i left the room in Kona, Hawaii

and i guess i'll bring at least one picture from the old album. it took me longer to decide than anticipated

and finally, i wouldn't mind having these 2 pictures from the recent OH NO! thread update under my name in the archives of this new Album

This is how i throw down my peace signs.

Look into my eyes and you'll see what you mean to me - Bryan Adams

walking in downtown Seattle, looking professional with a chicks coat on. Yere!

so I've fallen in love with scarves and my collection is growing

i know people have been telling me to stop wearing baggy clothes and put on more tight things, hows this?

awwwww, so much love that i had to wash my face afterwards

so it looks like my arms are finally getting beefy, I've waited over a year, i have been patient and my arms are finally starting to swell up. woot for somehow being able to be patient [and hard work at the gym of course but waiting just..........really sucks]

I wasn't flexing but now i regret it, i just wanted an honest representation of my bicep progress

so smogon, i heard the homeless look is making a comeback.

since my reCent post in the photo album got deleted due to the picture not working, i'll just have to make up for it now.

anyways, some pictures were taken when we got back to my place because fuck man we dont always suit up, but when we do there's always a camera involved ;).

Man i know what you are thinking, "were they drunk? is alcohol always involved when people are at Jesus's place?)

we were not drunk...........well, i mean, whats your definition of drunk anyways? most of the time we are just tipsy.........