Fidgit is one of the more overlooked Pokemon in this metagame, shining as one of the best supporters in the tier. It has an enormous support movepool, with options including Stealth Rock, Spikes, Encore, Whirlwind, and Taunt. Fidgit is also the cornerstone of Trick Room teams thanks to Persistent. Fidgit also has the stats to pull off its supporting capabilities, with strong defensive stats and a good Speed tier.

However, Fidgit is also very hard to fit into a team. Many other support Pokemon, such as Tomohawk, outclass Fidgit in some of its roles. Because it is very passive, most powerful attackers are able to switch in freely on Fidgit. Fidgit also suffers from four-moveslot syndrome due to the large amount of supportive options that Fidgit wishes it could use at once. Its defenses, while not as frail as some other fast supporters, are often lacking due to its typing, which leaves it weak to common Ground- and Water-types.


Trick Room and Tailwind both take advantage of Fidgit's Persistent. Trick Room works best for slow teams that utilize many powerful Pokemon, while Tailwind is especially useful for moderately fast attackers. U-turn is a valuable pivot move for Fidgit, allowing a Trick Room attacker to switch in for free. Tailwind allows Fidgit to escape unscathed, switching to another Pokemon to tank the attack. The third slot's moves depend on the support your team appreciates best; if you desperately need entry hazard removal, Rapid Spin is the best option. Spikes can be used to apply more pressure to the opposing team, while breaking Focus Sash and Sturdy. Wish can be used to pass decent amounts of HP to Fidgit's teammates. Encore can create lots of set up opportunities against set up sweepers and supporting Pokemon, while Taunt can prevent both from setting up their boosting moves and entry hazards, respectively.

Set Details

Persistent extends the duration of Trick Room and Tailwind. The EV spread maximizes Speed while giving Fidgit as much bulk as possible. Maximum HP EVs also lets Fidgit pass larger Wishes, should it be running the move. Black Sludge is used to give Fidgit passive recovery.

Two alternate spreads can be used, neither of which maximize Speed. 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD with an Impish nature can be used for maximum physical bulk, and 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Def with a Careful nature can be used for maximum special bulk. These spreads are more useful if your team needs multiple Speed control setups in order to function.

Usage Tips

Fidgit should often be used as a lead unless the opponent has dangerous attackers such as Colossoil and Aurumoth, both of which can force Fidgit out. Trick Room or Tailwind should often be the first move used, as Fidgit will rarely be doing anything else. Fidgit's team may rely on multiple uses of Trick Room or Tailwind, so keeping it healthy is vital for success.

Team Options

Trick Room Fidgit should be used with slow Pokemon that can hit extremely hard, such as Mega Camerupt, Sylveon, Crawdaunt, and Azumarill. Tailwind Fidgit works well alongside moderately fast Pokemon that appreciate an extra speed boost, such as Victini, Mega Garchomp, Kyurem-B, and Mega Gardevoir. Fidgit synergizes well with Flying-type Pokemon, which attract Electric attacks for Fidgit while being immune to Ground-type moves.


Spikes is Fidgit's main niche with this set, as it is one of the most reliable Spikes setters in the tier. If Fidgit is the only capable Stealth Rock user on your team, then Stealth Rock should be chosen for the enormous benefits that it provides. Toxic Spikes should be used if you already have a Stealth Rock user and if Toxic stalling is beneficial. U-turn is a very important pivot move for Fidgit, as it allows Fidgit to escape Colossoil and not be Taunt bait. Whirlwind is a good phazing move that can take advantage of the entry hazards set by Fidgit, but it requires Fidgit to take a hit. Encore can shut down setup sweepers and supporting Pokemon, giving Fidgit opportunities to set up entry hazards. Lastly, Taunt can prevent status moves and boosting moves, which is especially potent against passive Pokemon such as Chansey.

Set Details

Vital Spirit prevents sleep from moves such as Breloom's Spore. Black Sludge is a great source of passive recovery, increasing Fidgit's longevity. Focus Sash can be used if Fidgit is intended to be used as a suicide lead, letting it set up entry hazards against opposing Colossoil and Landorus-T. If you choose to run Focus Sash, it is best to use Encore or Taunt over Whirlwind. Maximum Speed with a Jolly nature lets Fidgit avoid slower Taunt users and be able to set up entry hazards against slower attackers. Maximum HP investment makes Fidgit as bulky as possible.

Usage Tips

This set should be utilized like a lead, setting up entry hazards early on for your team. However, Rebound Colossoil can pose a problem, as can Pokemon with Magic Bounce. If either of these are spotted on the opposing team, spamming U-turn is a great idea in order to gain chip damage and momentum against foes. This set can attempt to force out set up sweepers, but don't count on it to use Whirlwind multiple times in a match, as Fidgit is not a formidable wall. Switching in on slower Electric-types can be very rewarding if Fidgit has Encore, though it might be risky should you mispredict.

Team Options

Fidgit fits onto any team that appreciates entry hazards, especially stall and hyper offense teams. Fidgit pairs well with Flying-type Pokemon, as they have excellent type synergy, and they are immune to the Ground-type attacks that Fidgit attracts, while Fidgit resists Rock-type attacks and is immune to the Electric-type attacks aimed at Flying-types. Many offensive Flying-types also love the entry hazard support. Spinblockers and Defiant users are almost mandatory partners to prevent and discourage entry hazard removal. Revenankh gets a special mention for handling Colossoil, though it must be physically defensive to counter it. Setup sweepers also enjoy the entry hazard support that this set provides. Cawmodore, Aurumoth, Mega Charizard X, and Mega Altaria are just a few examples.

Other Options

Sludge Bomb is an option to hit Fairy- and Grass-types hard, but it does pitiful damage when coming off of an uninvested Special Attack stat. Moreover, many of the targets hit by Sludge Bomb are also hindered by Taunt, making it hard to justify using. Earth Power can be used to nail Metagross, Heatran, and Mollux for decent damage. Gravity is a another supporting option to let Ground-types sweep much more efficiently and is extended by Persistent. Safeguard can be used to prevent Thunder Wave and Toxic from hurting your team for seven turns. Toxic can be used to stall out foes, but Toxic Spikes is typically better. The last move affected by Persistent is Heal Block, but Taunt is much more useful.

Checks and Counters

Magic Bounce Users: Magic Bounce users such as Mega Diancie and Mega Sableye shut down Fidgit's entry hazards as well as Taunt and Encore. However, Trick Room and Tailwind Fidgit can still get around Magic Bounce users.

Tomohawk: Tomohawk has the potential to shut down Fidgit with a priority Taunt, as well as being able to use a super effective Earth Power.

Taunt Users: Taunt users such as Talonflame and Sableye shut down Fidgit's ability to support its team, forcing it to U-turn away uselessly.

Trick: Fidgit is ruined by Choice Scarf Trick users such as Mollux and Rotom. On Trick Room teams, you need to be especially careful to not let one of Fidgit's teammates be crippled.

Entry Hazard Removal: Rapid Spinners and Defoggers such as Excadrill and Skarmory can easily remove Fidgit's entry hazards.

Colossoil: Colossoil is a great check to Fidgit, as it is able to threaten it with Earthquake, remove Fidgit's entry hazards, and bounce back Fidgit's moves with Rebound. However, Fidgit is faster, so it can U-turn out easily and gain momentum against Colossoil.

Syclant: Fidgit greatly struggles against Syclant due to its Ice-type STAB attacks and the potential to set up with Tail Glow or Spikes.