Interview with Mr.E

Interview and flavor by Laurel. Art by Andrew and Typhlito.

After driving a few hours, I finally arrive at Mr.E's house for his interview and knock on the door. I hear him get out of his archaic, squeaky chair and walk to the door. We both go and walk to the kitchen table where I prepare my first question.

It's a pleasure to speak with such a veteran, man. So, how has SPL changed since your first one?

Mr.E starts to laugh to himself.

Is THIS an interview?

Yeah, I'ma ask like 5 questions and you just gimme answers that are ok. Some bored people will fix the grammar.

He laughs again, but gets up from his kitchen table and walks to his microwave that just went off.

I can put my srs bsns face on, but let me eat my god damn burrito before it gets soggy.


After I take the time to go to the bathroom and Mr.E pipes down his burrito, it is finally time for the interview to start.

Oi, I am alive once more. Is that your real first question?


I don't think it's changed very much, which is a good thing because when something isn't broken, you probably shouldn't fix it.

He pauses for a minute.

Leadership comes and goes, but there's only so much they can screw up. I think the change to add a 13th (or was it go down to 11?) game for SPL3, which was quickly changed back for SPL4 to 12 games, was unfairly judged due to lack of ties, leading to a lame playoff race in the closing weeks of the season. I don't think that was due to lack of ties, but just randomness. I didn't like last season's removal of RBY because the whole point of SPL originally was to ensure that all metagames are represented; it's sort of the site's ultimate team tournament, but I'm glad it came back for SPL6, even if for some doofy reason it has to be best-of-3. As if RBY is any more luck-based than future gens—it's Pokémon, so there's always a heavy RNG element to it.

I nod my head. He seems to be taking this rather seriously.

Why do you stick to GSC every season?

I've played some RBY in past seasons, and a couple times slotted into a newer gen, but I just prefer GSC because IT'S THE BEST LIKE ME. It's the slowest metagame, and more like a chess match than future gens where everything just dies so easily. Winning often results from slowly building up an incremental advantage and leveraging that over the course of tens or even hundreds of turns sometimes instead of just finding the right moment to set up something that just OHKOes your opponent's entire team.

The thought of playing a 400-turn match makes me yawn, so I look down at my clipboard for the next question.

Favorite SPL memories over the years? Best teammates you have had and people you miss?

I respect the format and have no lasting loyalties—only to my current team—but SPL1 was definitely the biggest for me because it was made up of largely my closest circle of friends in the community: Synre and groudon80 (Gene) and Carl and stuff. Some of which is still carried on by zerowing (makiri) as Sharks manager but not with the same competitive intensity as before. My interaction with the rest of my team since then has been pretty limited, since hardly anyone plays GSC, so there's not much to talk about with anyone else.

Also, my knowledge of newer gens, especially 5-6, is pretty limited, so it's hard for me to chime in about that. This year I was a bit more involved with Classiest's Skype group but still kinda on the outside looking in, since I currently work evenings when most of the chat/activity would occur.

I decide not to say anything about the last comment because it's 7 PM on a Wednesday, and he is sitting at home watching television. I really have no idea what he could be doing for work.

How did you feel about the Classiest before the season? Were you happy they picked you or did you want to be on another team? Also, what was it like to win this year?

I didn't feel anything about Classiest before the season. Something about bad management, and something about low power rankings by some dudes who don't know what they're talking about anyway, yo. Like I said before, I don't really care about any of that stuff.

I respect the tournament format and am willing to play for whoever buys me, or retains me, as was the case this year. I love winning, and winning this year was probably even better than the SPL1 win in some manners. SPL1 had its own perks, but it wasn't as fun to celebrate since I sorta got excommunicated from chat come playoff time.

I pause and think to myself that the old man used to have fun back in the day.

Lol, what happened there?

I got a little too intense with some folks late in the season. I went 0-2 in playoffs and that doesn't feel good either, but hey, team won so that's what counts. Whereas this year we won and I got to actually be around for chat going crazy and shit, and it just felt really good to silence all the haters because it seemed like everyone was rooting against us. Whether it's because nobody thought we were as good as we really were, or because everyone hated Shake as a manager, or whatever.

Ah, I see. Closing words and any shout outs? You excited for the GSC Tournament? Been a while, aye?

Mr.E takes a minute to collect himself.

Shoutout to kokoloko for being a lazy bastard who said he was doing shoutouts a week ago and still hasn't (and probably never will). A little excited but not that much for the old gen tournies because I just prefer my older metagames and would love to see them get more exposure, but I'm not sure if I'm even gonna play because I'm just too old and lazy and indifferent to 'mons anymore to put in the effort to play much more outside of SPL.

Got it; thanks for your time, man.