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  • Sorry to keep you waiting since no one else has approached to help you clone. Just busy EV training for someone and then cloning for them. Hope you understand! ^^ If you still need help with cloning, reply to this msg and I'll get back to you when I'm free, which will be soon.
    Yeah I don't think you picked all you wanted yet... lol xD
    Also although I am in Aus, my day times are pretty messed up. I am doing research work so I just stay at home to work most days. I would get up at like 12 and then sleep at around 5am... lol
    That's alright thank you :)
    I am in Australia so the timezones will be different :P I've updated my thread alot these days, feel free to change what you wanted if you like :)
    Also I can clone back for you.
    Hi, thanks for replying back :D
    My roomate has just got AR so I can clone back if you like. But may take around 30 min cos it involves transferring from 2 DSs
    Hey, actually something came up today and I won't be home until late tonight. Sorry to keep delaying this...but how about tomorrow? >.<
    Yeah, it'll be on 4th gen. I'll use my Heartgold FC. Looks like I barely missed you. How's tomorrow?
    Hey, something came up today. Sorry I missed you. When will be the next good time for you to trade?
    Thats cool please do the one below that'd be grand offering 2 credits in my opening trade thread. I'm happy to wait. the Tutor moves are 4th Gen and I'd like it 4th gen. I can also clone you a copy.
    I need (BP):
    Blaziken (Lv. 30 as a Combusken)
    -No Egg Moves
    -Tutor Moves:
    Vacuum Wave
    Mild Nature
    Nickname: Hellfire

    if you can do taht I'll set you up with another.
    I actually do have wifi at work now as I'm ready to trade from my 4th gen trade FC in my signature, just let me know when around.
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