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  • you should read the OP of the SH list.

    Basically you do the most current survey, you tell me in the forum you voted (to make your vote count) and that's it. If you'd like to help make the surveys themselves let me know.
    I know exactly what you mean. It's an underappreciated skill locking so much character and detail into such a limited pixel resolution, that's why I love RB sprites haha

    Also you might enjoy VVVVVV if retro indie games with rad music are your kind of thing
    BTW, after reading your post in the LoL thread, I do try to be a nicer player on LoL than most. While I only play SR on weekends, I'm fairly active when I do play. Friend me (username is Tortferngatr) if you want. MIGHT want a little advice here and there for SR (as I play a lot more Dominion,) but I can manage.
    yeah haha, come back dude, I promise I'll make it more awesome

    I'll try and get Lordy back because I don't agree with his ban
    And yeah birds are bitches to draw, specially the legs, I never know what to do with them lol
    Yeah I know what you mean man. Don't really think the ban policy is consistent either, not sure why Lordy got banned and someone like me didn't haha. Plus all the stuff with KG, Porygon, etc. Good luck to them but it's not a site I really wanna invest time into

    Dazzle me with a kick-ass Honchkrow? And what would you like?
    also hi, sorry for leaving PB, it's just not a site i really enjoy anymore. i didn't think you'd stop coming just cause of me :X
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