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  • Are you a 4th gen player ? Cant Find any Battles at Battle Finder?

    Then Join this Group ! "4th Gen Battler" !!!!
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    -Online Scenario Gameplay
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    ^^^^^ link (make sure u invite people so it will be popular someday ;)
    Oh, I see. I just wondered because I noticed one of your pokemon being offered in a trade thread on a different forum I'm on. I was under the impression they weren't redistributible, but I wanted to double-check.
    the format of my save file on desmume is .dsv, Pokesav canot read this format this can be the reason of all my problem to upload my .pkm files?
    I use Pokegen but when I see the properties of the archive, the shows that is open with Adobe Reeader. What program show your .pkm files in properties?
    the problem is that my .pkm files are not in the right format, the icon that appear is an Adobe Reader, but I dont know waht program I need choose or install to create the .pkm files in the right format
    Finally I sucess on migrate pokemon. Now i want send my .pkm file to a fake gts. I save in pokegen from tabs and appear and arhive .pkm Adobe. When I triying Upload to PokeGTS 4th gen and submit the archive don't shows nothing only show a window for edditing a pokemon.
    =S another problem now the msg of migrate from pokemon fire red appear but when i triying migrate the six pokemon and after the window of saving data form pokemon fire red and pokemon platinum, the migrate don't finish and other msg appear: save failed..
    Thanks gree Finally I can migrate. You are right I was needed copy the .sav file and .gba in the same folder.
    I canot transfer my pokemons from Fire red VBA to Pokemon Platinum on desmume. In the Continue screen don't appear the msg of migrate from...
    To save my files on Pokemon 4th gen Desmume what type of save you choose? because i save my files in autodetect option or this really don't metter?
    I dont' uderstand the method H at all I can use the same shiny spread for this purpose or I need a special SID abuse for method H?
    I made the same that you said, making a save states in the battle when the pokemon is in low HP 1 and sleep condition, I trhow the ball and if this fails, reload the save states. But with Mewtwo I almost try this for 2 hours but still not luck. Mewtwo have a high rate catch? also I use nest ball because of the shiny sprite of mewtwo. I don't know the rate of nest ball with mewtwo but really it's very hard caught with it.
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