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  • Duh, that makes more sense than anything I could have thought of at the time, stupid on my part.
    Saw that you posted HT has ruined your life's work. I feel the exact same way man, before I knew how to RNG, I would've loved HT. No worries though, us collectors will still value your mons.
    Yes, that's the most important thing. I'll continue to work on my collection as I did before.
    Hey bud! I was thinking of starting up my own trade thread in the coming days, and while browsing through yours I noticed that I really like the format and layout of your thread. Would it be ok if I were to use the same/similar layout to you in my own thread? You will be credited, of course.
    Thanks either way!
    I'm glad that you like that format, feel free to use it.
    Hi mate, I see you and/or Drakero have that Shiny Genesect event Pokémon, and got it RNG abused. I'm having some serious trouble with it, could you help me out a bit? I want to RNG abuse one myself. :) Let me know!
    IIRC, it was +6 instead of +8. Just try and let me know.
    Sure, will do! Thank you very much for the information mate, I really appreciate it.
    Well I searched for a spread with Sp.Def and Spe empty, did 8 Chatters and there it is, I got it! Thank you very much, sir!
    Hey, just wanted to ask if you and drake would be interested by a hexflawless careful heavy ball shiny Munchlax?
    Hello, was wondering if you could hatch an egg for me?(2566) PM me and let me know, I may be able to offer some form of compensation
    Ok, I'll send you a message ;)
    Hi, how are you?

    You have the shiney value that i need :)
    can u hatch a shiney for me?

    added your fc,
    mine is

    Thank you. it is 10 20 pm now, i am running eastern time.
    I replied to your private message ;)
    hello i need ur help hatcing my marill ... my fc 1736 0365 8907 .. ign ram .. i hope u would help me thnx ..im w8ing for u .. :)))
    Hi, I saw the google document that you have shiny ID 2566.
    Can you help to hatch my shiny egg & nicknamed it Kuroneko? ^^

    I added your fc. I'd like to know your character name to ensure I traded the correct person. ^^
    My FC: 0877-1052-4802
    Character: Kaoru

    I don't have much, I'll give a 5IVs gligar with immunity for the effort.
    Thx alot. ^^
    Okay. ^^ I'm living at gmt+8.

    It'll be,
    Sat 23rd nov : 10:30pm here
    Sat 23rd nov : 3:30pm there

    I'll visit here & online in-game on that time. ^^
    I'm online now
    Thx so much for the help! ^_^
    I ll be adding you tomorrow. I already found the program though. Thanks a lot. I may need BW2 rng help though!
    Hey Dragon do you use the DW editor to add pokemon? If so can you help on how to use it?
    That must took you a while to complete:P I have it on PS3. Sure if you want send me a link!
    Did you actualy absorb 50000 damage using the Riot Shield in Modern Warfare 3?:P
    hi dragon pls you can cmt for
    Shiny Gliscor
    (OT - STEFANO – [39145]) (Male)

    Nature: Jolly Ability: Sand Veil
    Hidden Power: Dark 70 Catch Location: Safari Zone
    IVs: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 23 SpAtk | 31 SpDef | 31 Spe
    UT Version [Gligar Lv.40]: Harden | Quick Attack | Faint Attack | Slash
    I was just wondering if you could kind of tutor me i will repay you with something let me know if you have anything in mind
    hey dragon i was just wondering if you could help me i have many emulators but i don't have clue how i could tranfer pokemon from my dstwo gba games pokemon to my platium,pearl,diamond etc
    Se vuoi puoi iscriverti qui. btw mi interessa qualche pokemon nel tuo thread, puoi guardare il mio? anche se probabilmente nn c'è niente che ti può interessare. Grazie x la tua collaborazione.
    Hey, Braseg257 e altri italiani stanno organizzando un progetto di traduzione del sito, ti andrebbe di dare un mano?
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