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  • Originally Posted by Fat A__
    In response to your CMT, how about these 2:

    #396. Starly(★)
    OT: John | ID No.: 09623 | Gender: ♂
    Nature: Jolly | Ability: Keen Eye (Becomes Reckless)| Type: Normal-Flying
    Location: Unity Tower
    Hidden Power: N/A
    IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EV: UT | Level: 1
    Moves: Tackle|Growl|Roost|Double-Edge

    OT: John | ID No.: 09623 | Gender: ♂
    Nature: Calm| Ability: Natural Cure| Type: Grass-Poison
    Location: Pinwheel Forest
    Hidden Power: N/A
    IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EV: UT | Level: 1
    Moves: Absorb|Giga Drain|Spikes|
    Non Redis

    Hey the Starly you wanted is Adamant opposed to Jolly. Is this ok? If so, I'll do these two for the Skarmory and Rotom. Let me know.
    I don't have it at as Fully Redis. I have it as Semi Redis, because well I looked at your thread and you didn't real list Redis rights from what I saw. So I just have it as Semi, if you don't want it on then I'll take it off.
    Alright, thanks, because at the time I received it, it was labeled as fully redis (I checked).
    Just wanted to check back in on your Shellos, and if you still wanted to trade for some credits.

    I have a few new things also, but they aren't updated to my thread yet.
    the synchronize lillipup? lol no problem I will release it anyway unless you need it back. And no problem on the Golduck thank you very much for the trade ^^
    Sorry about my awful Wi-Fi....I havent been on in a few days but im not sure why it sucks so much right now. I also needed the Golduck to be uncapped but it's okay :) I will head online on gen 5 now. White FC in sig.
    Sure thing give me a few minutes aswell to clone everything and get the correct FC's :). And UT Golduck is fine ^^.
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