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  • i greatly appreciate the gesture and shall in the foreseeable future commit to making an official visit to your realm. prepare the finest wine available in your country, for we shall celebrate as brothers.
    hb bartholomew "batt" abato

    i forgot to tell you on irc and am terribly sorry for this mistake, i ask of your foregiveness

    you hereby have the empires blessing and receive the privilege to use the aero jones imperial at your own discretion once

    Hello batthew
    We regret to inform you that your order has been deemed "unthinkable" by the management.
    Our CEO, Franco del Perro, had this commentary to add: "never forget the twinkies"
    Thank you and have a happy donkeyless day.
    man I don't trust that guy anymore. he is the scumbaggest mail employee ever. you should send it on a boat to make sure it gets here. portugal is always open to boats.
    truth is i always get new donkeys and re-name them alberto over and over


    what is up? i have walked a thousand miles with alberto the forthnight, in a drunken stupor.
    i'd never seen that link, it's a good read. unfortunately, none of them will get past the first two lines
    So, how do you have a such a big GIF avatar? It won't let me make one over 50 kb even when I resized it to tiny tiny sizes and I have a badge :( I wish to immortalise this for awhile!
    if you are ever to perish, i will pray to all of cloud's gods that there is funk after death
    i hereby make it a law of the jonesdom that every citizen is by law required to support the new york metropolitans
    incoming surface-to-abato missile from the enemy forces! intercept by any means necessary
    do not attempt to adjust your radio, there is nothing wrong
    we have taken control as to bring you the special show
    we will return it to you as soon as you are grooving
    i hereby open the ceremonies of the day of honour and glory

    may many more of these days follow
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