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  • I have been reading all the new years posts, I probably would have noticed your little message had I not scrolled to the bottom and looked at Ninahaza bolding the entire message.
    Yeah, of course! I start school in late March, there's absolutely no reason you couldn't crash in my dorm or whatever.
    you left so you could perfect your The Storm game without any distractions and will return soon right? :pirate:
    i object to being a thiefess. if anything i am a queen or a princess due to being married to and adopted by mekkah.
    A bad rhythm? Now you're just being nitpicky. The presentation was smooth save for the Zelda demo. The resurgence of oldies is what the Nintendo fanbase wanted. They do NOT look identical to the originals. You think you simply saw same game, better graphics. But that is not the case as Activsion made the game from the ground up. It will only have similarities because there was one out before it. And while DKCR looked similar to the old snes one in terms of gameplay, I don't recall there being a mesh of 3d enviroment in there. And I honestly don't think Nintendo believes the Wii needs 3rd party support at this point, which while it makes me sad, is totally understandable. And yes, you must have predicted everything they were going to show, including Project Sora. It feels like you are being picky for the sake of being picky. Like you expect a new generation of consoles when there isn't a need yet.
    Why would you mention your old handheld when you announce a new one aside from games coming out soon? Aside from the demo screwup what wasn't professional about it? What is their to announce really? We won't see new consoles for another 2 years at the least. You can't have a Wii-Slim. It might not have been 'complete rape best.conf.ever cum everywhere' compared to previous E3 conferences, but compared to the other 4, it simply was.
    Heyyyy don't worry about my smogon factor entry. I'll upload it to YouTube tonight so you don't have to. =)
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