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  • Well, I actually wasn't trying to advertise my work. It's ok now, I've linked a PM i sent to myself in my sig so now its just for me :)
    Not so much as a passion to write Togekiss as a passion to actually write an analysis, having not done one for months.
    I don't want to force you out of something you're gonna do, but if you do ever feel like you don't want to do it anymore then feel free to shoot it my way.
    My sig doesn't have "check my analyses" in it D:

    They're hidden. tbh i just use it as a checklist cos I dont have a better place.

    Guess i better find a better place :\ Actually, I have an Idea. If I left a link to a PM I sent myself in my sig, would other people be able to see it?
    You don't really need to post a new thread for Politoed. Just post in the old one and I will give you the OP.
    Just finished my exams and I'm finishing it up today. Thanks anyways.
    Also, if you have any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.
    Yeah it's okay. I'm too busy really with school and stuff. Still, I got a lot done so it shouldn't be a lot more work xD.

    As a matter of fact, I was thinking about that earlier. I still plan to write it up, in the lead-up to Science Olympiad I've used up every second of my spare time.
    I got a pm from bloo about this yesterday i have exams and I will work on it after them
    Well, if the two moves are exactly the same and one is more easily obtainable (for example Roost vs Recover on a Latias), then you use the one that is more easily obtained for WiFi players. However, since Body Slam outclasses Secret Power completely, you don't need to slash it. You can just mention in the Additional Comments that if obtaining it on the cartridge is difficult Secret Power is a viable alternative to Body Slam. (a legal Jirachi with good IVs is hard enough to get legally as it is, so I don't really see why it would be that much of a problem)

    and thanks!
    Alright I posted a rough Overview in the Jirachi Analysis thread. Let me know if you like it and feel free to change or edit as you see fit.
    Let me take a look and see what I can come up with, I should have some time much later today. I can send you a draft and you can edit it as you like or something. Cool?
    Ah, sorry, I've had a ton going on lately irl. I'm sorry about preventing you from working on heracross till now; you can take it.
    Yes I am, though I am sick at home and can't concentrate very good and was busy with school, so I couldn't really finish it. Why if I may ask?
    So yeah I checked Togekiss. Jirachi is mammoth sized though and that one might take a while.
    Hey do you know what's happening with Staraptor? I didn't start checking it because I saw a little controversy with merging the sets. Personally, I have always merged Choice sets, but that's down to you :D
    I'm sorry but, yes, I do wish to write up Infernape and get him through GP.
    Someone said I was PM spamming, and since you can't really prove or disprove PM spamming (I was already muted), I was banned. SDS said I was going to be unbanned soon, so I'm just waiting on that.

    Eo isn't a bad dude, and I'm not implying that. He was just doing his job as a mod. :/

    I've seen about three or four anti-weather threads on UT, made a few posts in them. Last one I posted in was the "new tier" for Weather only. Seriously, why the fuck would you make a tier like that?
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