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  • Lol, since the Hitmons are yours, you can have them for free. Now cloning for Timeneon, after that I'm gonna do some school work. Will you be online in 1 hour?
    wow not trying something new? xD haha i guess since you said that i don't think you can do the two bps i kinda want oh well but thanks for your time
    and i rarely update my thread >.> and my other shop members are inactive so if i get the chance to make a new thread i'll pretty much have one section called full redis and i'll put most pokes i got from you there and give yeh credit
    also this shiny egg thing is really confusing me, do i really have to make like 250 save files and then how do i match pid's
    i may but first i want to earn them by either helping you or getting a good rng on emerald............. but seriously i am in love with that gastly

    edit: like my new sig?
    Sorry, I did not know you wanted to give them right away. I was team testing. Use my platinum as well for this trade.
    Route 47, there's one NPC but you should be fast enough to avoid any interference, sweet scent increases your fame by 2 (you should assume starting frame 0 when doing your calculations). That means you'll need to check only the first letter for the seed by calling Elm (which is K).
    I've already calculated the encounter slot for you, you just need to reach frame 3. You need to make sure you don't have any roamer out and if you need a syncher you can always breed one or ask for one in the simple requests thread.

    PID: a4dae766 (TIMID, ability 0) 31/30/30/30/30/30 (Seed: 0f080462 Method K (synch): 3) HP FIGHTING 70
    Alright, tell me who has a 31/30/30/30/30/30 timid ditto please.
    I want to let mixxer or Riski pokeshift something for me (including a ditto) but I'll consider asking riddlinkid for his permission to give them his hp fire ditto just to shift it (I have his hp fire ditto already).

    In any case, learning hgss rng captures isn't vain because you could get a lot of stuff with it.
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