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  • و أنت بخير و بصحة و سلامة علينا و عليك إن شاء الله
    Can't really blame you; it's no cheap matter, it's why the only games I buy for DS are Pokemon and very few selected ones. At one time I tried an AR-esque device, but it was glitchy.
    yes rip off but approx same price in Bahrain too (equal amount of rip off).
    Speaking of that phrase, if someone says that to you, what do you usually reply? the same thing or?

    oh and on another subject; how much do you know about the illuminati, btw I'm not "believing", I just have room to accept the possibility to have part of it true, but I believe many people exaggerate it into bigger things.
    Yeah sup, and I thought I told you? anyway yeah it's in 9waifyeh (or whatever it's called, correct my wordings) in a place called 9ala7 el deen. BTW I'm currently in Bahrain cause of inter second and summer semester vacation :).
    yes i know but fuck having that as my avatar, it's not exactly pretty. and i'm just cycling through albums i like anyway.
    Sorry, to intrude but is your background Jordanian as well?
    If so then your English is very good
    Yeah I was bullied in intermediate and secondary school in Bahrain, and yeah we call it tawjihi too.

    What's your real name anyway? Ahmed? Odai? Qasem? what
    It's good I guess, but Amman looks better (lol), and since Irbid hosts many nationalities, I'd say some Jordanian rednecks, and other stuff lol.

    And oh yeah you're 16. Man those days of highschool both good and bad for me, good I was at home, bad I was being bullied. WEEEE
    Never heard of it, and I live in Irbid, go to Jordan University of Science & Technology aka Techno studying Medical Laboratory Sciences, you?
    those actually the ones I've been thinking about (except Amman mall), and I have exams next week, so might go in the weekend after next week, have one exam the week after but it's on wed and I studied it before because it got postponed, but this exam makes me not sure whether to go or not, I'll see in sha Allah.

    Oh, and where are you in Jordan exactly?
    If by ship you mean e-bay and stuff, yeah I guess, but if you mean if they even receive those games, that's what I'm not sure about. I'm going to check, and oh where's Virgin Megastores exactly?

    My plan is to go look at some malls to see if one of them has a video game store or something that has it.
    It has already been released in Bahrain and Kuwait, not sure about other countries though. Since I'm currently studying in Jordan, next week I'm going to Amman in sha Allah to see if it has been released there. I have played the game, but it was just a ROM.
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